Psychological attacks


Perhaps you have noticed once that communicating with some people leads to a worsening of the emotional state, the appearance of irritability and apathy and the weakening of self-confidence. If so, you are the victim of a psychological attack. When you managed to suppress the interlocutor, to provoke him to the actions you need, to force to behave differently, then you should know that you were the source of the psychological attack.

What are psychological attacks, how do they manifest themselves and how can they be protected from them? Psychological attacks are actions or statements aimed at depriving others of psychological balance. Speaking in people's language, a person using the methods of psychological attack "muddy the water", deliberately "knock out of the saddle" and extinguish the will of the interlocutor.

To use protective measures, first of all you need to realize that your psychological balance has a negative impact. The difficulty is that the psychological attack is not always carried out explicitly and openly.It may not be noticeable externally and occur in the process of expressing friendly advice, communication with family, positive conversation with a colleague, or philosophical reasoning.


Why are we being attacked?

What makes a person regularly use the methods of psychological attack? This is due to the habit of the aggressor to follow certain life scenarios. Suppose someone doesn’t have a relationship with the opposite sex, someone lurks failures at every place of service, and someone is subject to constant attacks on the street. What are the reasons for these patterns? A person becomes a magnet to the same type of trouble, and all because he is building his behavior and energy field in this way.

The source of psychological attack must be sought in the characteristics of the psychology of the aggressor. The true reasons in the life scenarios, on which the victim and the attacker used to live. This form of behavior is caused by the susceptibility of the aggressor's subconscious to impose a certain role on the victim in the usual scenario. The integrity of the attacker is violated, and over time he enters into symbiosis with the aggressor, undergoing psychological attacks and playing the same role regularly.3

In addition to the psychological cause, there is also an energy component.Interaction with others is accompanied by the process of energy exchange. It does not always equally positively affect both sides of the interaction. If a person is subjected to psychological attacks, his condition worsens after contact with the aggressor.

Methods of psychological attack

Psychological attacks have several levels of manifestation. Let us take a closer look at each of the ways to bring a person out of emotional balance and influence on his mental background.

Psychological attack aimed at opinion and values. This method of influence aims to change the worldview. The psychological attack on belief is based on the inability to understand the components of the imposed opinion. The aggressor is categorically expressed in relation to the interlocutor. The purpose of such a statement is to draw the attacker's attention to his own problems. Such an attack is characterized by arrogant shaking of the head, a close look at the victim and analyzing questions.

A psychological attack directed at logic. This method aims to turn off the attacked sequential logical thoughts.The aggressor uses in the process of conversation complex terms that are not known to the interlocutor. The attacker's speech flow includes complex structures; he leads the conversation at a fast pace. The result of the reception of a psychological attack directed at the logic is the fact that the interlocutor after some time becomes unable to critically assess the situation and the statements of the opponent. In addition, the aggressor can master the techniques of neuro-linguistic programming.

Psychological attack aimed at feelings and emotions. This method causes embarrassment to the interlocutor after giving him a compliment or praise. Pleasant, at first glance, words can cause consternation and make the interlocutor nervous. Another way to psychological impact - the game of pity. The attacker tries his behavior to cause a feeling of guilt in the victim. In this way, the female half of humanity mastered it perfectly. Ladies do not hesitate to use the challenge of feeling pity on men in combination with characteristic sobs and even tears.

Suppression of the will by the manifestation of force. The most common method of psychological attack. Suppression of the will takes place clearly.The aggressor raises his voice, uses threatening facial expressions and gestures.

Psychological attack manifestation of sexuality. The attacker is showing signs of sexual sympathy at the moment when the victim is not ready for this. The aggressor attacks with ambiguous jokes, vulgar phrases, indecent gestures and anecdotes to the interlocutor. Non-verbal attack is manifested in conscription views and erotic gestures.

Knowing that the interlocutor may display a psychological attack, it is important to be able to defend oneself in the process of communicating with him.

Methods of psychological protection

The ability to defend against psychological attacks - the quality of an intellectually developed person. Detractors undermine the emotional balance, so the construction of a defensive wall of envious and competitors is necessary. If you bring a person out of himself and undermine his faith in his own strength, he stops seeing the bad in people and is not able to think logically balanced.

Psychological attacks

Reproaches, insults and other methods of psychological attack are similar to a bee sting. If one insect bites, there will be no harm, and if a whole swarm attacks, the person will suffer greatly.Similarly, with the psychological attacks of detractors. One unpleasant statement is possible and will not attract attention, but regular attacks will do their work and psychological attacks will achieve the goal. But there are people for whom the only attack of the aggressor will be disastrous.

People are often subject to psychological attacks in the workplace, especially if the type of activity is associated with communication with others. Collision with the aggressors is inevitable, therefore it is necessary to study the methods of defense in a bloodless war. If you plan to achieve a lot in life, you will have to learn how to communicate with people attacking the psychological balance.

First of all, you need to understand that people are taking the methods of psychological attack just can not prove their rightness in a different way. When the aggressor no longer has obvious methods of influencing a person, he begins to act surreptitiously. The only way for him to achieve the desired - to bring the opponent out of balance.

There are several effective methods for constructing barricades against psychological attacks of envious persons and enemies. So:

Find out which gestures, statements and intonation have a negative impact on you. Remember the situation and offensive words, imagine the facial expressions and gestures of the interlocutor, which lead you out of yourself. Try to understand how you feel? Disassemble these emotions in parts. Someone feels uncontrollable anger, another throws into a fever, and the third eye has a wet place. Remember this feeling and imagine that you are standing on a strong wind. You can watch how the abuser screams intensely and tries to get you out of himself, but all his unpleasant words fly aside, without influencing you. This exercise can also help you react indifferently to offensive words in a real situation.

Being in a negative situation, imagine that you are deaf and do not hear offensive remarks in your address. The aggressor can shout, behave inappropriately and rude, but you should not have any influence on you. Tune in to the lack of response to external stimuli. Watching your calm, the attacker will expire, and you will turn the situation in the direction advantageous for you.

Imagine the offender a small child, then the painful perception of his words will not be so obvious.If you feel yourself more mature and smarter than the aggressor, his attempts to humiliate or insult you will not lead to anything but irony.

If a close friend or family member acts with psychological methods of influence, convince yourself that his point of view is not as meaningful to you as he would like. Remember that the most painful blows are inflicted on us by people close to us. By not reacting to their aggressive attacks in the expected way, you not only save your nerves, but also, probably, harmonious relations.

Bring the situation to the point of absurdity, using the method of psychological aikido. Agree with the opponent's attacks and praise him. In conclusion, the situation will become so ridiculous that psychological attacks will be repelled.

These methods will help you not to succumb to the psychological attacks of the aggressors and to maintain emotional balance and harmony with the outside world.

Summing up

4Symptoms of psychological attack:

After communication you feel a breakdown, a bad mood and drowsiness;
Feeling that your legs are not where you need them;
The world around you feels unreal;
The field of vision narrows considerably;
An oppressive feeling of fear.

Ways to withstand psychological attacks:

Do not listen to the words of the aggressor and then he will lose interest;
Do not let yourself be convinced, hold your own opinion in any situation;
Do not look the aggressor in the eye. Direct the glance at the bridge of the nose;
Try to finish the conversation as quickly as possible. Thank the interviewee for his point of view, but do not fall for his influence;
Do not respond with a psychological attack to the provocations of the aggressor, if you are not sure that you will be able to win this emotional battle;

If among your loved ones there is a person who uses psychological attacks, limit communication with him. Your health is more important than contorted politeness.

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