Pumpkin Marmalade

Photo: Elena Moskalenko
Pumpkin450 gramsOrange1 pieceCardamom4–5 boxesCinnamon1 stickBadyan1 starBrown sugar250 grams
For filing
Powdered sugar
  • Servings:

Sunny pumpkin - bright marmalade! For a diet, such a delicacy is a real luxury.


Peel the pumpkin, remove the seeds, cut the flesh into medium-sized bars.

Squeeze the juice out of the orange and remove the zest. In a skillet, mix citrus zest and juice, pour in a glass of water, add sugar, spices and cook over low heat until all the sugar dissolves.

Add sliced ​​pumpkin to spicy syrup, boil for about 5–7 minutes, then remove the pan from the heat and repeat the procedure twice. Last time, remove the pan from the heat, cover with lid and completely cool the pumpkin in the syrup.

Squeeze the pumpkin out of the syrup and arrange the sticks on parchment, leave it in a well-ventilated room for a day or two or dry it in the oven if there is a convection function.

Sprinkle ready pumpkin marmalade sprinkled generously with powdered sugar.

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