PVC window sills: easy to maintain, reliable in operation

Despite the fact that the window sill is a separate component of the window system and does not belong to the concept of a "window", any person imagines this very "window" in this way: actually it is (let's say, a "frame with glass") and a window sill.

What are PVC windowsills?

Now the traditional wooden windowsills have become obsolete, and they were replaced by more reliable PVC window sills, which you can buy wholesale by the link www.ralstroy.by/catalog/komplektuyuschie/podokonniki_pvh.html. This does not mean at all that now the window sill is just white plastic. On the contrary, many companies offer window sills imitating luxury marble, natural granite or precious woods. The buyer can purchase a more beautiful and functional window sill (compared to wood or made of chipboard) for less money, because wood has always been significantly more expensive.

Looking ahead, we will tell about the remarkable property of PVC window sills.They are arranged in such a way that the flow of warm air bends above their surface, forming a wide warm air gap near the window and the nearest section of the wall. In case of water condensation, PVC window sills have slopes, which drain excess moisture.

The window sill is a fairly functional element of the window structure. It is he who facilitates the washing of glasses, the opening of the window. Any hostess would have a hard time hanging curtains in the absence of a window sill. Also, most women adore placing flowers and various souvenirs on the windowsills. That is why PVC window sills are not only functional, but also decorative elements of the house.

Let us dwell in more detail on the other remarkable qualities of such window-sills.

Why are PVC window sills popular? Take a look at the benefits!

So, firstly, PVC window sills are superior to wooden in their physico-chemical properties. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is much more resistant to temperature changes and sudden changes in humidity than wood. All this thanks to modern technologies: composites are much more practical and durable than natural materials, and therefore PVC window sills are practically not subject to deformation.Moreover: the special composition of plastic does not allow the window sill to deform under the influence of heating devices (naturally, within reasonable limits).

This quality is enhanced if the surface of the sill is laminated with a special film. CPL is made on the basis of melamine resins, thereby providing a high level of protection. After the film is covered with PVC sills, they become even more resistant to scratches, shocks, household chemicals and sunlight.

The next advantage is the heat-insulating property emanating from the multi-chamber system of the sill construction. By the way, the same feature of the product (the so-called design of ribs) makes it more durable and allows you to keep the shape. The stiffness of the PVC window sill is such that, if properly installed, an adult person can sit or stand on it, but for high strength it is necessary to use a mounting foam that can be bought in bulk in Minsk at www.ralstroy.by/catalog/komplektuyuschie/montajnyie_penyi_germetiki.html

Third - watertightness - quality, the absence of which so spoils the wooden window sills.It is the immunity to moisture and the effects of microorganisms that allows us not to worry about the preservation of the surface when breeding flowers. Water resistance is also the reason for the following advantage.

This is unpretentious and easy care. On plastic, unlike a tree, there are not only various irregularities (knots and hinds), but even the slightest roughness. That is why PVC window sills do not collect dirt, and their washing is absolutely trouble-free process. The only condition is not to use abrasive detergents.

In addition, these window sills do not need additional polishing, painting or varnishing, because they do not fade and do not turn yellow, retaining their original color over the entire life cycle.

As we have said, the appearance of the window sill can be almost loved: it all depends on the taste of the customer. Of course, most often coloring or monophonic, or under a tree (granite, marble). But besides this, you can put on the surface of the window sill some decorative pattern, protected from exposure to harmful factors by a layer of special coating (lacquer, gloss).

A large assortment will delight the customer when choosing the size of the window sill: the width varies on average from 10 cm to 1 m, and the length can reach 6 m.

Well, of course, it's worth mentioning the installation process. PVC window sills are installed without any difficulties, even without the use of special tools.

The presence of all these advantages allows you to say with confidence that PVC window sills will delight you not only in the process of selection, purchase and installation, but also in further operation.

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