Realistic roses made of scotch

In this article, you will learn how to make your ownRealistic roses from Scotch tape (Duct tape - plumbing tape). Roses are very beautiful and realistic and can only be distinguished from real ones upon detailed examination.

Materials and tools:

  1. red and green plumbing tape (duct tape) sold in hardware stores;
  2. red and black marker;
  3. floral wire (or hard wire)
  4. scissors.

Step 1

Let's start by creating petals. Cut off a piece of wire and a piece of red rectangular-shaped scotch. Attach the wire to the tape: in the middle - along the width of the rectangle, and along the length of the rectangle - about 1/3 of its length. Put a scotch rectangle across at the end of the wire, gluing the sides together. Using scissors, cut the corners, rounding them. Take a red marker and paint over the edges of the petal.  For a rose, you need about 10 of these petals. With a real rose, the inner petals are smaller than the outer ones - therefore we make petals of different sizes to add realism.

Step 2

Let's start forming a rose bud. Take the smallest petal and just twist it into a tube. To him we begin to add other petals (remember: the biggest petals should be outside the bud). In the process of bud formation, we immediately begin to shape the petals (bend before gluing and after adjusting). Each new petal is fastened to the bud with a shift from the previous one in a spiral. The petals are attached to the bud, by wrapping the stem with the lower part of the petal; try to place where the petals are glued to the stalk, turned out like a cone.

Step 3

After all the petals are glued - let's take the resulting bud, and make the necessary adjustments to the shape of the petals and the rose bud itself - this will be more convenient if you have a real rose next to you; look at the rose and try to repeat the shape of the bud.

Step 4

The rosebud is ready, let's proceed to the stalk. Twist the stalk wire tightly together. Cut off a piece of green the same length as the stem; put it on the table, glue the surface up, from the edge we put the stem and wrap the tape around the stem. If the tape is very wide, then the excess can be trimmed.

Step 5

Make the petals located below the bud. Cut a piece of green ribbon and fold across as well as the petals, cut a small triangle and paint it with a green marker edge. After staining, we will attach it   to the base of the flower - on average 5-6 such petals will be required.

The rose is ready. On the manufacture of one rose will take about 30 minutes. From the resulting roses, you can make a bouquet or make a composition.So you can use the basic principles for making other colors. Try, fantasize, experiment, and you will succeed.

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