reinforced concrete products: production, sales and applications

ZHBI - the main material for the construction and housing and industrial sectors. For more than a hundred years of existence, reinforced concrete products have been improved and now their use is relevant almost everywhere. Roads, sewage wells, houses and a fence are just a small list of what they are in demand for today.

Reinforced products differ in the presence of steel reinforcement, which serves as a framework for concrete construction. The already strong adhesion of the two materials only increases with time, and their combination makes it possible to find an ideal engineering solution in terms of fracture strength, compression and deformation. The result is durable products that can withstand enormous loads.

JBi products and their advantages. Features:

  • extreme ease of use due to the presence of the most diverse technology;
  • a wide range and versatility, since one principle is suitable for the production of a variety of building products;
  • durability, as the objects of them are able to withstand more than any brick houses;
  • a profitable price that many can afford;
  • high resistance to high temperatures, chemical influences, atmospheric influences, etc .;
  • simplicity and thoughtfulness of technology, thanks to which you can create products of almost any shape.

Steel reinforcement in the composition of the products is responsible for the high strength and load-bearing capacity of the material, which can withstand even strong tensile loads, bends and so on. Such resistance to deformation means a lot. In turn, the concrete mix, which is filled with rods, guarantees protection from corrosion processes and the influence of high temperatures. That's why such structures are extremely stable and reliable.

There are various types of concrete products. For example, the production method is called prefabricated and monolithic, and also the combined version is prefabricated monolithic. According to the type of reinforcement that was used in the manufacture, there is a prestressed state and a normal one, not stressed.Plays the role and type of concrete used, that is, its composition: there is a light and heavy, cellular and special. All of them have their advantages, but each species can be suitable for one purpose and do not match the other. Read more at

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