Satin bed linens

Satin is a natural cotton fabric, made by weaving a twisted thread. It should be noted that the density of the weave directly affects the smoothness and shine of the finished fabric. Bed linen made from satin is ideal for those who want to have high-quality, durable, practical, but at the same time beautiful sleeping bed linen for reasonable money.

For the first time, satin, as a fabric for sewing bed linen, began to be used in ancient Egypt. It was from there that was brought to Europe. In the modern world, satin is widely used throughout the world for sewing tablecloths, curtains, textile products for hotels, as well as bed linen, including for children.

2 bed sateen bedding has an impressive arsenal of fans all over the world. This is due to the optimal ratio of parameters such as price and quality.

A set of bed linen from satin will surprise you with its durability, while not losing its original appearance.Note that such a kit body feels much more pleasant than, for example, coarse calico. This is a very important feature, because it depends on the comfort of a person during sleep or rest. And when compared to silk, satin is much warmer and more hygienic. The hygiene of this fabric can be explained by the fact that satin easily absorbs and releases moisture, thus ensuring free air circulation. At the same time, silk underwear is much more fastidious in care, therefore it requires special treatment in dry cleaning, while satin can be washed at home without fear of spoiling it.

Today satin is one of the smoothest cotton materials, so sleeping on bed linen from it will always be calm and pleasant.

Satin bedding should be purchased at least because it is beautiful and durable. But the special charm of such kits, in addition to the brilliance that radiates fabric, is given by colorful all sorts of drawings. A wide variety of spectacular images, bright colors in combination with a thoughtful design and fancy prints will not make you doubtthat everyone can find an exquisite satin bedding set to your taste.

Pay attention to the fact that satin almost does not wrinkle, so it does not need to be ironed. This fabric is distinguished by enviable durability and durability, and even numerous washes do not affect its shape and appearance. Thanks to the peculiar technology of weaving, the surface of sateen is smooth and pleasant.

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