Secrets of the celebration of the cast-iron wedding

That ended. Finally, in family relationships, in the sixth year of marriage, the “metallic” notes begin to slip. The six-year anniversary of living together symbolizes cast iron. After all, for a reason, in the old days pig iron was made of cast iron, which could withstand any heat and temperature in the hearth or home furnace.

Incredibly durable material - cast iron. According to old traditions, all the village women on this jubilee were cleaning and scratching all the cast-iron dishes in the house: pots and pans. Having exposed the available cast iron for review it was possible to draw a conclusion about the abilities of a neat housewife.

Cast-iron wedding, and this anniversary has such a name, the first metal, which after a time will gradually turn into silver, and then into gold. So you have to work hard and forge further metal. Here the most important thing is that the foundations of a strong cast-iron family are already laid-the cast iron is scraped, it remains to forge the metal further.

In the fire of heated disputes and fiery passions, black cast iron melts into a lighter and fusible metal. It will become more flexible, elegant and light.But the most important and important thing is not to overpower it, so be careful and give in to stupid and unnecessary disputes. In addition to the incredible qualities listed above, cast iron tends to fill in any empty forms. Therefore, the young married couple created over the years can model, consolidate and temper the young couple.

What to give?

For cast iron wedding anniversary it is recommended to give cast iron dishes. If in your area with cast iron is bad and difficult, then you can replace it with a frying pan with a teflon coating. In different countries, this anniversary is celebrated in different ways. In Europe, the six-year anniversary is called a sweet candy wedding. A necessary attribute of congratulations on this day - lollipops, sweet, funny and bright. In Latvia - rowan: "Oh, this sweet rowan!". A bunch of mountain ash, according to old Latvian traditions, keeps calm and protects the house from illnesses and failures. Therefore, young people give each other crimson rowan branches.

But back to our pans! If your relatives or friends come to you in the morning with congratulatory pot and pans, feel free to open the door for them.After all, a skilled cook of family relations can always bake a festive pie, pancakes or cook porridge in a cast iron. And if you two are already excellently cooking porridge, then in the future calmly live to the next anniversary - a bridal wedding. If only the subsequent anniversary would not be covered with the copper basin ...

After the zinc wedding, another metal wedding is celebrated (6.5 years of marriage together).

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