Selecting a milling cutter for a CNC machine

A special cutting tool is called a milling cutter, which CNC machines are equipped with. During processing, this element rotates, and when in contact with the workpiece, the sharp edge removes excess material. Available in various types of cutting tools and types. Cutters for CNC are available in a wide range, you can order different in purpose and size parts.

Differences by Type

Cutters for CNC differ in two main parameters: design and form. According to these differences, the tools are divided into:

  • trailer - suitable for processing the workpiece in all axes. The form they look like a drill, have two cutting edges. Diamond tools are most often represented by end varieties;
  • end. They are characterized by a cylindrical shape, the presence of cutting edges on the end. Suitable for processing flat surfaces, cutting sheets of material;
  • disk. Suitable for the formation of grooves and various recesses on the details.These cutters are characterized by versatility, can be used to perform several operations;
  • angled. Used when milling the edges of the working surface. Such tools are equipped with two edges that are located at different angles;
  • shaped. Specific details that are used for the formation of blanks of complex configuration. Shaped tools are characterized by high quality, make the cut very clean and neat, so they are most often used for finishing.

Immediately it is worth noting that not all cutters are used in work with the same frequency. However, for the quality of the task requires that the kit were all kinds of parts. It is possible to replace one tool with another in certain situations, however, specific types of cutters are required to perform specific machining.

Differences in use

According to this principle, the cutters for CNC machines are divided into parts for roughing or finishing work, drilling grooves, and precise machining in the corners of the workpiece. There are also special elements that allow you to create different patterns and patterns.

Also distinguish products according to the purpose of the type of surface. There are 3 main types of profile parts: for woodworking, processing of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, manufacturing various designs from polymers. They differ in form and physico-chemical parameters. That is, the cutters for different surfaces differ in the type of raw material from which they are made, hardness and endurance. You can not ignore the appointment. Cutters that are suitable for working on wood or plastic, will not be able to perform high-quality metal processing. And, conversely, tools for working with iron will only damage the tree or polymer.

Choice Features

The main criteria - the appointment and type. The cutting tool is selected according to the operation to be performed and on which surface. But it is important to understand the quality of products. High-quality parts are made of good iron, characterized by the correct form. Buy cutting elements are necessary for proven manufacturers, as the product of which you are sure.

Also, get better sharpened and ready-to-work tools.At home, it is practically impossible to perform the correct and high-quality processing in order to prepare the part for work.

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