Seychelles - a chic place to relax (9 photos)

If you are constantly trying to find a real paradise on earth, then go to the Seychelles - this small island nation with great pleasure to share with you a piece of your perfect secluded life.

Tourists flock here all year long to soak in the heavenly bushes, enjoy the languid blast of local beaches, and also dissolve into a measured and unhurried pace of life, if there is one at all. It is here that you will encounter an exceptional thing in the modern bustling world - absolute peace and quiet, seasoned with unique natural landscapes and sea fun.

Unity with nature guaranteed

Seychelles is always summer and always the sun, it is never cold here, and a good mood is set by default. This small state is located on 115 islands, of which only 30 are inhabited, some of which are of coral origin, and the other is volcanic.

All the islands are conventionally divided into 4 main groups, the largest island is Mahe, on which is located one of the smallest capitals in the whole world, the city of Victoria. Just 9 km from the capital, there is an international airport, where you can get to with the help of the main air travelers: connecting via Dubai, Doha or via Paris, but the most convenient flights are, of course, direct.

The total flight time is about 9 hours, but it can increase depending on the chosen flight.

Seychelles yesterday and today

It is a small state with only one large city and two traffic lights in it, today a prosperous and developing democratic republic. Naturally, the main source of income (about 70%) is accounted for by tourism, the next in terms of position is fishing.

Rent a boat

Today, rest on the islands is a complete solitude on the snow-white beaches of the Seychelles archipelago, lying down on a sun lounger and sipping local coconut juice “feces”, it is difficult to imagine that this place once had a very turbulent and rich history.

Officially, the Seychelles were discovered at the beginning of the 16th century by the Vasco da Gama expedition, however, they saythat these islands were previously visited by the Arabs, besides they served as a large base of pirates who repaired their robberies in the Indian waters. Then the French settled them, transported their slaves there and founded rich plantations of various spices, some of which are still actively cultivated around Victoria.


Later, the islands were captured by Britain, eventually separated them into a separate colony, and, in the middle of the last century, the Seychelles gained independence. It is probably thanks to these two powers that the French language and culture predominate in the Seychelles, many residents also speak English quite well, but the native inhabitants of the islands mostly speak the local Creole dialect.

A few points that it is useful to know the tourist

Seychelles is a very convenient holiday for those who are not well acclimatized, because the time here is almost the same as Moscow time (the difference can be 1 hour), and the season here lasts all year round, so you can easily choose the most convenient period for you. The warm season here falls on our winter - from November to March, and the cold one, on the contrary.

Perfect place

April and October are two transitional months, in which surfers and divers are very fond of flocking here, after all, it is said that it is at this time that the ocean opens up its most unique beauties. By the way, if anyone who thought that the cold weather was really cold in the cold period, it was mistaken: the minimum temperature at that time is about 24 °, and in the hot season it rises to 29 °.

All beaches on the islands are sandy, municipal and have the appearance of small coves. Each hotel usually has its own stretch of beach, however, it’s not a fact that there will be no one on it except for its guests.

By the way, island hotels do not have an official star classification, but even the smallest and, at first sight, modest hotels or lodges can provide a service that will meet the world standard. But so that tourists do not get confused and could roughly understand what lies under the name of a particular hotel, tour operators distribute conditional “stars” to them.

These are the hotels

You ask if there are any flaws in the Seychelles? Of course, it’s difficult to find them, because it’s not for nothing that they are called a real paradise on earth, except perhaps going off-scale prices - not everyone can afford to visit this archipelago.But if you try, here you can find where and how to save money, in particular, it concerns housing and food.

Kitchen Seychelles

Under the influence of European culture, a national cuisine has emerged here, which is a combination of French and Creole traditions. Perhaps the most popular dish here is pvason ek diri, which means “fish with rice”.

Original dishes

By the way, rice here is part of most dishes, it is often used as a side dish, or as an integral element. Most often, for taste, it is supplemented with a special sauce, which consists of vegetable oil, paprika and lemon juice, and sometimes seasoned with stewed vegetable snacks.

Vegetables in the Seychelles, however, like fruits, are the main and favorite component of any dish, but most often, they are consumed in the raw state.

Tap water here can be drunk directly from the tap, although tourists are not recommended to drink it, as it is slightly different in chemical composition and can lead to frivolous disorders.

Speaking of local cuisine, it is impossible not to mention fish dishes, because without them a real Creole table is extremely difficult to imagine.Especially popular are baked bourgeois fish, sharks' rods, salted fish in sauce, small crabs and lobsters in lemon sauce, as well as all kinds of stewed, salted, fried and fresh fish.

Local fruit


Going somewhere in a new country, every tourist thinks about what can be seen there. But, no matter how strange it may sound, the main attraction here is the unique nature, snow-white sandy beaches, the clear waters of the warm ocean, the wonderful world of local flora and fauna, fancy stones from colorful marble, and the marvelous beauty of the underwater world.

Here you will not find the usual historical program, but be sure to visit several islands, for example, Praslin, where there is a nature reserve with endangered animals and birds.

Beautiful beach

Visit the island of Curiès, home to a huge colony of giant turtles, and do not pass by the marine national park of St. Anne, and also visit the island of Moyen to find pirate treasures and explore historical ruins.

Go diving

Do not ignore the capital of the republic,where most of the souvenir shops and shops are located, here you can get to the Royal Spice Garden, and local beaches with high waves and good conditions for this activity will appeal to surfers. Go to the Seychelles, and you will not regret a bit!

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