Simple rules for choosing bouquets

The question of how to please the choice of a gift to his beloved is tormented by almost every responsible man. Of course, you can choose flowers at your discretion, taking advantage of personal preferences and sympathies, but it will be much better if you try to choose a composition that will look most harmonious in the hands of your beloved lady. In the online flower shop you will be helped to choose a bouquet ideally suited to the color of the eyes and hair of your life partner. And on the site you can find a great addition to the main gift.

So, if you want to choose a flower composition yourself, you need to remember a few basic principles that will ensure your gift incredible success.

Red-haired beauties fit the flowers of blue, blue, purple hues. Gentle irises, violets, as well as rich roses will elegantly set off red sunny hair. Blondes look good with pink, white or tea roses in their hands, which emphasize their tenderness and purity. You can opt for delicate lilies.

If your woman is constantly at business meetings, negotiations, conferences, and does not have enough time for romance, she will not be upset at all with a gift in the form of an exotic cactus. Such a plant on the contrary will give her pleasure, because it will periodically bloom, and delight the owner with beautiful flowers. In addition, the unpretentiousness of such plants is only on the hand of a real business woman.

You can choose bouquets depending on the season outside the window. In the summer, it is best to give wild flowers that are not available at other times of the year. Cornflowers, forget-me-nots, bells, sunflowers will give the lady of the heart warmth and tenderness. Raise the gloomy autumn mood will help a hand-assembled bouquet of colorful fallen maple leaves. The end of winter - the beginning of spring is associated with blooming snowdrops, tulips, crocuses. Each flower can transmit a certain mood.

If you want to surprise a woman while you are with her, you can order the delivery of the bouquet that you need. In this case, the original ideas will be a bouquet, matched to the clothes of your companion.He can repeat the colors of her dress or blouse, or match the style: be luxurious and lush, or strict and minimalist.

Ikebans from fresh or dried flowers will delight with their originality and, perhaps, will become an ideal and harmonious addition to the interior.

And remember, men, never wait or look for a reason to give flowers to your beloved woman.

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