Simple third soldering hand

Today I will talk about a great idea how you can make a third hand for soldering with your own hands. This device will greatly facilitate the soldering process. The holder for soldering will provide fixation of objects when working on precise projects. This is soldering of printed circuit boards, electronic circuits, and even jewelry. And just solder a pair of wires to some resistors, transistors, microcircuits, etc. much easier. We need:
  • A piece of laminate 200 * 160 mm.
  • Two metal plates 100 * 10 mm .
  • Two metal plates 50 * 20 mm.
  • Four corners.
  • Metal plate 50 * 50 mm.
  • Two crocodile clips.
  • Nine screws and nuts for them.
  • Copper wire.
Simple third soldering hand

Making a third hand for soldering

To begin with, I drilled three holes in a piece of laminate. One from the edge, the other 120 mm from it, the third just on the side.
Simple third hand for soldering
Screw the corners to metal plates, to those that are wider and shorter.I took the plates from an old children's metal constructor. If this is not, then it does not matter, just find any metal plates, and drill into them only the necessary holes.
Simple third hand for soldering
We fasten long plates to short plates. I thought that they were too thin, so I screwed two, respectively, plates, in the end, it took me 4 pieces. So take a thicker plate so that under the weight, they do not bend. And we fasten crocodiles to them, fasten on those screws that are in crocodiles.
Simple third soldering hand
Simple third hand for soldering
Now everything that we screwed to each other, fasten to the laminate. You will need long screws, all screws, by the way, from a single constructor. The simplest option is ready, but we will not dwell on this.
Simple third hand for soldering
Let's make a stand for a soldering iron. It will take copper wire. We wind it on a marker, forming a spiral. Braid, of course, must be removed if it is.The helix must be of such height that the soldering tip is about 10 mm from the laminate. From the lower end of the wire we form an eyelet and fasten it to the laminate. The third hole was drilled for this purpose.
Simple third soldering hand
Simple third soldering hand
Also drill two more holes in the laminate and metal plate. And fasten it. It will be convenient to use solder, rosin, flux, etc. on this plate.
Simple third hand for soldering
You can also attach a magnifying glass, but I do not need it, and I do not want to overload the place. On this you can finish. The third hand for soldering is ready. I have been using it for over a year now and I’m happy with everything.

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