Smoking capelin at home

Many experienced hostesses bypass capelin, do not use in their diet. Disdain a small fish, which is extremely tasty with proper preparation. In any form it is good. Suitable for frying and roasting, soup and pates. And today we will try to please ourselves and the guests of my domestic smoked home-cooked in our own smokehouse. The procedure is so simple that even young hostesses can cope with it. Everyone will surely like the hot-smoked recipe; you will often want to pamper yourself with such a delicacy. It is very inexpensive frozen fish, which makes it even more affordable for every family that has a smokehouse at their disposal. However, there are other advantages to home-made meats:
  • lack of dyes, conservatives, flavor enhancers, stabilizers, and other dangerous ingredients;
  • using only natural products.
The main advantage of any home food is its high taste. Try once to cook the smoked capelin.You will no longer purchase it at the store.
Cock washing at home

List of products

For hot smoking you will need:
  • 1 kg of fish;
  • about 100 g of salt;
  • pepper black.
You can add a little more bay leaf, sugar or other condiments, although for the first time it's better to limit yourself to the standard set. Some of them have been using it for many years, preparing hot-smoked capelin at home.

How to pickle capelin for smoking: tips

First, the fish is defrosted. Do not use a microwave or other appliances. Let it thaw naturally. After this the carcasses are washed, the moisture is removed. Gutting capelin is not recommended.
Smoked capelin at home
Add the prepared fish to the container, sprinkle with spices, salt. You can mix it gently so that the salt is evenly distributed between the crayfish.
Smoking capelin at home
Salting lasts about an hour. Then the carcasses are washed under running water, dried again with paper towels.If time permits, spread the fish on cutting boards or plates, leave in air to weather the moisture.
Cock washing at home

How to smoke capelin: step by step guide

A smokehouse is prepared. At the bottom of the box is poured shredded chips. Excellent beech properties. It is proposed to use it for cooking delicacy. A layer of chips, about 1 cm high, is poured onto the bottom, as shown in the photo. Smoking capelin at home Small containers are placed directly on the wood chips. The pallets will drip fat, which is released when smoking fish. medium / 1525411266_6.jpg "style =" max-width: 100%; " alt="Smoking capelin at home"> The fish is laid out on the grill, as in the photo. Taking a prescription kilogram of capelin, you have to smoke it in two sets. At the top, the drawer closes tightly. Beneath the fire is lit a fire or smoldering coals, and inside is preparing a hot-smoked fish.
Cocking capelin at home
25-30 minutes will be needed to make the fish edible.In a specified time, the skin color will change radically. A golden hue is acquired by which one can judge the readiness of the product.
Smoking capelin at home
Capelin is almost ready, but you should not immediately remove it from the box. Let him rest with the lid open for 10-20 minutes before cooling. Amazingly beautiful and at the same time delicious, harmless, it turned out. Try faster! Bon appetit!

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