Smooth LED lighting

Today, I heed your attention, I want to present a simple scheme which does not have serious practical application, but rather created to please the human eye. The purpose of this circuit is that it lights up the LEDs connected to it rather smoothly and slowly while there are no threshold jumps, as for example, on Chinese Christmas tree lights or when using a microcontroller. As a matter of fact, here is the scheme itself:
Smooth ignition of LEDs
It is assembled from very accessible parts that can be pulled out of the old Soviet technology or like me - to buy. All items cost me 18 rubles. I used the smd resistor to reduce the bulkiness of soldering.
I used this scheme to illuminate the system unit with a 12v led strip. I took these 12 volts from the fan connector on the motherboard.A fad of capacitance can increase the time of "ignition" of LEDs, you can also experiment with the nominal resistance.

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