Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones got Instagram with reviews of grilled sausages

If you think that to collect stamps or cut dolls from potato tubers is original, then here's a new fascination for the star of the "Games of Thrones" Sophie Turner: the 22-year-old actress startedseparate instagram accountto publish there ... reviews of fried meatballs and sausages. So now on the Sophie page, where 25,000 subscribers have already gathered, there are photos with captions like this: “Chicken sausage with cranberries. It is worth noting, cranberry complements the taste of chicken. Good size, perfect texture ... I give 6 out of 10. " We hope that Turner is responsible for writing his reviews!

It seems that on the eve of the wedding with musician Joe Jonas, Sophie decided to recall her other "screen" husband - Ramsey Bolton ... Now, who exactly could have kept such an account (with his own love of meat delicacies), but he, like us Remember, ended badly in the sixth season of the series.Turner, by the way, is not the only celebrity who likes to entertain fans: the lover makes fun of fans and self-singer Lordi has an Instagram dedicated to onion rings.

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