Sorcery in a Glass Bowl

Christmas tree straightened fluffy branches, paws and proudly flaunts in the center of the room. And the smell of wood and pure white snow floats all over the house. It is time to get from the mezzanine an old cardboard box with Christmas tree glass toys. After all, in every family for a lifetime accumulates a decent collection of various decorations on the tree. Moreover, any toy is a symbol of its time. Now on the shelves of a great variety of various garlands, balls and cones, tops for Christmas trees and snowflakes for every taste and purse. I wonder if there are any other places in Russia where real glass painted balls are made, familiar to us from childhood?

Back to the past

Overseas Christmas decorations were imported to Russia in the beginning of the 19th century, and they remained so. It was then that the first glass blowing factories appeared, where the masters made these balls. They were incredibly expensive and not all available. They were even rented. Ordinary people were content with cardboard figures decorated with foil, scraps of fabric and lace.Even then it was "fashionable" to make Christmas toys with their own hands. The six-pointed Bethlehem star crowned the Christmas tree, and the angels and biblical characters complemented the remaining holiday decor. Then the revolution broke out and the power of the Soviets came. For many years the Christmas tree and all the attributes of the holiday turned out to be “out of the law”. Glass-blowing factories and workshops have ceased to exist. As time went. Gradually, Soviet citizens regained, but already the New Year tree, the red star replaced Bethlehem, Father Frost and Snow Maiden appeared.

Keeping traditions. . .

The oldest factories, where the master glassmakers created their glass masterpieces, still survived and preserved the centuries-old traditions of Russia. One of these places - a factory in the city of Klin. Here, as in the old days, they create toys by hand. The temperature of the glass and the exhalation force are carefully observed. In every cone, snowman or horse - the soul of the master. Otherwise it is impossible. The mood of the holiday will be lost. At the same time masters notice that it is important to paint toys in a good mood, so that the eyes of animals are kind. Interestingly, this particular factory was the first in the 19th century to release glass beads on the Christmas tree.It was a breakthrough for its time. Until now, this place is the only one in which the technology for blowing such garlands has been preserved. There is a museum where toys of all epochs and suits are stored: angels, military airplanes, brave cosmonauts, corn cobs, strict toys of 70-80's and lurid from the 90's. Popular are the balls, animal figures. Only the symbol of the year changes.

Gradually, production was put on stream. There were decorations of foam and plastic, which do not fight and do not break. But we know something with you that the true feeling of the holiday is impossible without a magic glass bowl with fine filigree painting carefully wrapped by a caring grandmother. We keep it as a priceless relic for our children and grandchildren. Take care of glass balls. Our memories are stored in them. And give in the New Year to family and friends the warmest words and sincere feelings.

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