Soufflé from regular soap

Soaps can be very different, and its task today is not only to clean the skin, but also to saturate it with vitamins, moisturize, and of course bring aesthetic pleasure when used. Soap-soufflé is the most tender light soap that does not even sink in water. He has abundant foam and a very mild effect on the skin, and most importantly, it is made with love, with his own hands and includes exactly the ingredients that you yourself wish to see in it. In order to prepare enriched with vitamins, airy and delicate soap souffle, you will need a piece of baby or any other soap, 1.5 tablespoons of sugar, a teaspoon of honey, essential oil of the category that you need, vitamins in liquid form (for example, vitamin E), for the decor, you can use multicolored chips from another soap or its remnants. So, take the soap and rub it on a fine grater.
 take the soap

rub it on a fine grater
Then you need to take two not very necessary saucepans and melt the soap chips in a water bath.
chips in a water bath
During the melting of the mass, you need to add sugar and honey, this at the same time will speed up the process, since these components are excellent melters.
>img src="" alt="add sugar" title="add sugar">
 add sugar
When the contents of the saucepan are fairly homogeneous, add half a glass of water.
add half a glass of water At will, it can be some useful decoction, such as chamomile or calendula. After the mass warms up and looks like sour cream, remove from the water bath and add a few drops of essential oil.
 a few drops of essential oil
On At the same stage, vitamins and any useful oils are added according to your desire. Then beat everything with a mixer.
 beat everything with a mixer
The resulting composition should increase in volume several times and become airy.Add multi-colored chips, if you wish, and gently put in pre-prepared molds. These can be special forms for soap or any available materials, cups of sour cream or yogurt.
 multicolored chips
>img src="" alt="cups from sour cream or yogurt" title="cups from sour cream or yogurt" >
Allow the soap to cool completely at room temperature, usually it is completely ready in twelve hours. Carefully remove the finished soap from the molds. As planned, it should be air and light, and also, should not sink in water. The result - does not sink.
 The result does not sink
With this soap production, you not only enrich it with useful oils and vitamins, but also save considerably. From the usual piece of soap it turns out as many as four air. In this case, three ordinary pieces and a few small ones that children love very much.
 Soufflé from ordinary soap
The process of making this soap is completely environmentally friendly and safe .In this method, there are no accurate calculations and harmful alkalis, as in the preparation of soap from scratch, which means you can not be afraid that harmful substances fall on your hands or dishes. The best part is that you can attract children to such creativity, which will help them not only to prepare a useful product, but also help to develop imagination and learn to do something with their own hands.

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