Star diets for beautiful skin

Food is stronger than any cosmetics. It depends on her how healthy and beautiful the skin will look. So say experts, but you can not argue with them. has collected tips from the most famous star nutritionists.
Skin diet
Skin diet

David Colbert: “Say No to Junk Food”

Dr. David Colbert has for many years been an exceptional star clientele. The singer Mariah Carey, one of the most beautiful actresses Rachel Weiss, as well as many models listen to his advice. And whatever you say, each of them has skin that looks perfect. “I’m not against Botox,” says Colbert, “but“ the right food ”is a much more affordable and effective tool.” The doctor guarantees that you should stop eating bad foods like flakes, pizza and burgers, as soon as in 4-9 days the body is cleansed and the sugar level returns to normal. Facial skin will simply shine clean, if you include in the diet lean meat, vegetables and spices, so rich in antioxidants. In addition, the body weight will change, naturally in the direction of reduction.

Howard Murad: “Go for the fruit!”

One of the best nutritionists in Hollywood, Howard Murad. He owns the most famous and most visited medical SPA Murad Medical, where Hillary Duff, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Eva Longoria and Vanessa Carlton are often dropped in. Murad always says to his celebrity clients that cellular moistening is necessary for healthy skin. And for this it recommends eating plenty of vegetables and fruits. Plain and even medicinal water, in the opinion of a nutritionist, cannot cope with this task.

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