Stone for decoration of the facade and basement of a country house

Stone is the oldest material used for the construction of various structures. Today, it is practically not used for the construction of buildings, but as a facing material is still relevant, thanks to its durability and original appearance.

In the construction of an extensive use of a limited number of limestone and hard rocks, well-proven in production and operation. At the same time, the name of the deposit is often indicated in the name, because the color pattern and the structure of the stone depend on it.

Using Natural Stone

The special popularity that the stone for finishing the house has gained arose thanks to modern technologies, which make it possible to extract and process this material more efficiently.

Specialized equipment makes it possible to produce products and tiles of the required size and thickness without disturbing the original design and preserving its natural properties.

The main application of the stone is finishing work, it is also used in the manufacture of stairs, countertops, window sills, fireplaces and various decorative elements.

Our company offers

Gallery of Stone is engaged in the manufacture of tiles and products from natural stone of foreign and domestic origin.

The presence of its own production, modern equipment and qualified specialists allows not only at a reasonable price, but also to order a full range of services in this area.

At us you will find in the required quantity quality tiles of solid and limestone rocks of the required size, shape and color range. You can also use the services of professional designers and craftsmen to carry out the necessary facing works.

Views of granite stone

Granite Absolute Black

Granite Butterfly Green

Granite Brown Antique

Granite Gialo Veneziano

Advantages of professional services

Our specialists, according to the wishes and financial capabilities of the client, will help to choose the optimal type and coloring of the stone, take care of the design documentation and carry out the installation work qualitatively.

When designing a design, all features of the selected object are taken into account, so we are able to guarantee the quality of the goods offered and the services provided.Buying a stone for the socle in our company, you will get a strong, durable and beautiful material that will become a real decoration of your house.

The advantages of natural stone in facing buildings:

  • prestige, confirming the solvency of the owner;
  • original colors and patterns;
  • durability;
  • resistance to mechanical stress, abrasion and weathering;
  • frost resistance, moisture resistance and fire resistance;
  • additional protection against mold and mildew;
  • practicality and resistance to environmental influences.

The most vulnerable element of any building that can withstand constant loads is the lower part of the structure. Full protection can provide a facing stone for the facade, which not only emphasizes the overall design of the house, but also protects against moisture and mold, and also serves as a kind of strengthening the walls.

The stone is durable, does not require special care and goes well with other building materials. Order the installation of the facade in our company, we will make your home even more beautiful and better.

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