Strawberries on the balcony. How to grow berries at home

You will need
  • - plastic containers for seedlings or peat pots;
  • - strawberry seedlings;
  • - ground;
  • - fertilizer;
  • - sand and peat;
  • - pots or capacious containers for planting strawberries on the balcony.
Choose a variety of berries. You need those that are self pollinated. Strawberries on the balcony are not available for bees, and many varieties will not yield a crop without these striped workers. Therefore, planning to plant strawberries on the balcony, pay attention to the varieties:
- Supprim. This strawberry is constantly fruiting, self-pollinating. Ideal for growing on a balcony;
- Queen Elizabeth II. The variety is very productive. The only drawback that can interfere with the cultivation of strawberries on the balcony is an extensive extensive root system. It needs a very large capacity;
- Homemade delicacy is a good variety. From one bush you can collect 25-30 berries at a time;
- Sarian. The variety is resistant to diseases, not afraid of the cold.Yield, unfortunately not very high, but the berries - large.
Plant strawberry seedlings of selected varieties in peat cups or other container. Strawberries on the balcony can be planted after the temperature at night will not fall below 8 degrees. Before this strawberry seedlings should remain in the room.
Make suitable for planting strawberries on the balcony capacity. To do this, ensure drainage by drilling several holes in the bottom. Put pebbles or shards into the container. Strawberries on the balcony will grow better if the diameter of the stones or drainage does not exceed 20 mm.
Prepare the primer. To grow strawberries on the balcony, you need a special one. Mix 3 parts of the chernozem, on 1 - soil, loam, natural fertilizer of peat, sand. Pour the soil into the prepared container and place it on the balcony, in the sun. Best of all, strawberries on the balcony take root in warm soil.
Gently transplant the seedlings into a container, slightly cutting the roots. Pour over. Install the container so that the sun's rays fall on it. From time to time, loosen the soil, water, add mineral fertilizers. Strawberries on the balcony will give harvest very soon!

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