Stunning autumn patterns by simple patterns

Lucky for those who sew not as a professional, but love to do it. Nowadays, such types of outerwear are very popular, which can be sewn even to a modest amateur, even to a novice in sewing. Oversized coats, quilted jackets, ponchos, capes ... They are not as difficult to sew as classic coats, no need to customize to fit. And you can also choose a fabric that will hide the flaws of an inexperienced seamstress: artificial fur, for example, is no less natural now. High-quality faux fur can not be distinguished from the natural.

So, if you really want to create something for the fall, but you don’t have enough courage, we offer several ideas for inspiration. Some of these models can be stitched literally in the evening!

At first my favorite is a coat from a square, it is a jacket-blanket.

Pattern of the jacket from the square

Cape on the simplest pattern:

If you sew such a poncho made of fur, you get a fur coat

What can be simpler coat-kimono, which can be sewn from a warm stole or a wide scarf

This pattern is more complicated, but you can figure it out: on the other hand, an original and very cute coat with a lowered sleeve is obtained.

These capes are quite suitable for a warm autumn, the main thing is to choose a dense fabric.

An interesting idea of ​​a cape, you can try to make a scarf

Already a classic: Vest - cape from the circle.

I really liked the idea of ​​a coat, especially flounces on the sleeves. At the same time a simple pattern with one-piece sleeves and a stand collar. Flounces are obtained by inserting fabric.

The pattern is more complicated, but also a very interesting coat model.

Youth coat

Straight coat pattern

Cool jacket with a hood and with a length difference in front and behind.

Another coat of free cut on the simplest patterns that can be made with or without sleeves.

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