Stylish manicure using dripping paint

Want new juicy colors for your nails? Try the dripping paint technique. It allows you to use different colors without making your nails too variegated. The colored part covers only the tip of the nail, which allows you to wear such a manicure, including at work. Such a manicure will emphasize the creative nature, not too much breaking the rules of business tone.

As a preparation, apply on the nail several layers of clear varnish or base under the varnish. Perfectly in such manicure the opaque basis will look.

Wait for the base or varnish to dry before proceeding to the next operation.

Using a special dispenser, which can be purchased at the store for manicure, apply a colored nail to the nail. It is necessary to make several vertical stripes with a small drop on top. The longest of the bands can rise just above half of the nail.

Combine the bands at the bottom with neat arched lines.Make sure that the colored lacquer comes from the distributor, so that the lines are not smeared.

Paint the edge of the nail.

Moisten the brush in a clear lacquer or manicure fixer and swipe through the color strips without waiting for them to dry. Such an operation will allow the bands to acquire the appearance of drips.

Alternate for different nails the number of colored stripes. On one, do three, on the next two. You can use one color for the entire manicure, or pick out individual for each nail.

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