Summer butterfly in dot painting

For the manufacture of decorative plates in dot painting, we need the following materials: 1. Plastic plate. 2. Acrylic contours and glitters of different colors. 3. Sketch of the drawing. 4. Acrylic paints (white and black colors). 5. Clay PVA. 6. Alcohol. 7. Varnish for coating acrylic base. 8. Paint sponge. 9. Napkins made of paper. 10. Medium brush. 11. Color pencil.
 you will need such materials
The work begins with degreasing the surface with alcohol. This is done so that the paint lay on a plate exactly. Wipe with alcohol is necessary on both sides.
 degrease the surface
Next, the whole product needs to be smeared with a small layer of PVA glue. These actions are performed with the aim of better adhesion of paint to the surface to be treated.
 smear with a small layer of glue
Then we paint with a spongea plate of white acrylic paint. To do this, the sponge is pressed against the product. Using the sponge, we avoid the traces of the brush, and the surface is painted evenly. You can use not only decorative, but also building acrylic paint. It is necessary to apply it from two sides.
 paint over a plate
 we paint over the plate
we paint over the plate
We apply white paint for the purpose of priming the surface. After the first layer, the pattern under the plate is visible, so paint it again.
 paint it again
Next, cover the product from both sides with acrylic varnish. Thus, we fix our soil and protect the surface from bloating.
 we cover with acrylic varnish
we cover with acrylic varnish

The next step is preparing the background of the plate.To do this, apply two layers of black acrylic paint to the whole product with drying between staining.  prepare the background of the plate
preparing the background of the dish

Then the plate needs to be treated with acrylic lacquer. This is done to fix the paint, and if we put an inaccurate point, then it can be removed without damaging the surface. Using a glossy varnish, we will still impart a gloss surface.  process acrylic varnish
 treat with acrylic varnish
After drying the product , you can begin to apply the picture. To do this, you need to paint the reverse side of the sketch with a colored pencil. Take bright colors so that they can be seen on a black background. start drawing Next, apply a drawing with a butterfly on the plate, face up. And we begin to outline the sketch, strongly pressing on a pencil.When we take a picture, we will see how our butterfly transferred to the product.
 start to circle a sketch
Let's start painting the plate. To do this, take the outline for the painting and outline the silhouette of the butterfly.
 Start painting the plate
Now take the outlines or glitters and put the main big points.
put the main big points
We continue to select the main lines of the butterfly.
 select the main lines from the butterfly
Getting to the painting of wings. Work needs to be done carefully, so as not to hook on the already marked points.
 Start the painting of wings
So we fill the two upper wings.
fill the top two wings
 Go to the two lower wings
Go to the two lower wings. The size of the left point depends on the pressure force on the tube.For a large point, you should push the contour more strongly, for a small one, it is easier.
 Let's go to the two lower wings
 we give the wings fluffiness of the butterfly butterfly
Then we take the contour of white color and add fluffiness to butterfly wings. To do this, put a point and stretch it slightly.
 fringing of the plate
We proceed to the design of the fringing of the plate. Show fantasy and begin to create. The first points are placed on the side of the product.
 edging the plate
 edging the plate the edging of the dish
 mother of pearl or glitter
We come up with a drawing, well alternating Dots of different sizes and use contours with mother of pearl or glitter.
 The butterfly is ready
You can complete the work by scattering points with a pearl contour.The butterfly is ready, now we admire the result.
 Butterfly is ready
 summer butterfly in dot painting
 summer butterfly in dotted painting

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