Surprise Postcard

Small souvenirs on the day of St. Valentine is glad everyone in love. Well, if the gift is welcome and pleasant. On this holiday, it is customary to exchange valentines. These are small postcards with pleasant words and declarations of love. But I don’t really want to buy a standard piece of cardboard with the same poetic wishes. For my young man I wanted to do something original and unique. I collected all my creativity and that's what I did. Volumetric heart of thread in the box-postcard. You can do something similar for your second half. To work you need: - a sheet of thick cardboard (it is important that it is colored on both sides); - a piece of aluminum wire; - thread for knitting dark red; - tube of PVA glue; - scissors; - all kinds of decorative accessories (feathers, ribbons, paillettes).
You need to work
So, you first need to make a volumetric heart. To do this, take the wire and twist it into a heart shape.It is better to take aluminum wire, it bends very easily and can be given any shape. If it is hard to manipulate, then use pliers.
to make a volume heart
Wind it with a dark red knitting thread. Just make sure that no empty seats are visible. It turns out that such a heart is the main symbol of the holiday.
 Wrap a thread
Now take a sheet of two-sided colored cardboard and draw it into squares. In total, you need to make 9 identical squares, each side is 7 cm. The result is a blank of 21 cm by 21 cm. Cut off the corner squares. To work, you need such a blank in the form of a cross, as shown in the photo.
 draw it into squares
Fold the four side squares inwards. It turns out that the fifth (middle) square will contain a surprise in the form of a heart.
Now go on to decorating the four extreme squares.You can write wishes for your soulmate, post your joint photos. Or make mini-postcards. For example, glue a beautiful ribbon and on it two pink hearts, decorate with red small feathers, write "Love" with ordinary knitting threads, glue sequins and patches.
go to decoration
 go to decoration
go to the decoration

Do not forget to glue red shiny ribbons about 15 cm long to the edge of each square. This can be done using adhesive tape or fabric glue.
Postcard surprise with a heart of threads
Put in the center of a beautiful three-dimensional heart that you made from wire and thread. You can also “refresh” it a little by decorating it with shiny stickers. It is better to put the craft in an upright position. To do this, glue in the center a piece of double-sided tape and already attach a heart to it. Tie opposite ribbons (in pairs).Surprise is ready.
 Postcard Surprise with Heart of Threads
Postcard surprise with a heart of thread
When your second half untie the ribbons, you will see that you are giving her your hot, bright and loving heart. Great souvenir for the holiday.

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