The area of ​​this hut is only 18 m², but just look at what's inside!

American architect Chris Heining (Chris Heininge) is known for designing small country houses, making the most of all the free space in them. Since he spent his childhood and youth in Japan, India and China (Hong Kong and Macao), he learned from childhood to appreciate the space in the house. In these countries, few people can afford a large area of ​​housing, and the locals have got the hand to squeeze everything they need into the limited dimensions of their apartments.

Returning home, Chris embodied the acquired skills to save space in his own house in Arizona. In appearance, this "hut" seems to be a toy, because its occupied area is just over 18 square meters! The length of this cottage is 6 meters, and the width is only a little more than three. Nevertheless, inside there is everything necessary for the life of a young bachelor or a childless married couple.

At first glance, the house looks more like an arbor of a restaurant. Well, from the inside, it seems much larger than the outside.

Entering, you get into the living room with a comfortable sofa and a beautiful view from the large windows.

The staircase to the second tier hides in itself not only many compartments for storing things, but even a fireplace.

Next is the kitchenette, fenced from the living room to the dining table.

The kitchen is full of cupboards and shelves.

On the second floor there is a bedroom with a huge bed, comfortable bedside tables and chests of drawers.

Near the kitchen there is a bathroom with a small bathtub equipped with hydromassage. However, the bath is clearly designed for the fact that it basically will only take a shower.

Opposite the bath is a washbasin and stylish lockers.

Looking at this house from the outside, I just can not believe that a full-fledged apartment with all the amenities can be placed inside!

This work of Chris Heining caused a great stir, and many people wished to have a similar house. Therefore, the author has established mass production of such cottages. Now everyone can buy a similar home for 59 thousand dollars. The house is transported in disassembled form on the trailer, and its installation takes quite a bit of time.

Of course, in our conditions, such a house is unlikely to become a full-fledged housing, but it is quite suitable for country rest. In addition, Chris Hayning can draw a lot of ideas and more rationally organize the internal space of his apartment. And do not forget to tell about this amazing house to your friends. I am sure that they will be interested to look at him.

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