The craftswoman decided to use the stump left over from the felled tree in an unexpected way.

Sometimes creative projects arise on their own. They can turn into something really unique, or become a big failure. But if the Muses visited you, it is almost impossible for her to refuse! And if you do not even get the perfect result, you will spend time with pleasure.

A creative person is able to see beauty everywhere. It is to them the artisan and mother of two children Mimi. After the woman learned that her husband was going to cut down a rotten tree in the garden, an unexpected plan had matured in her head. Instead of spending time and stubbing the stump, the woman suggested turning it into an original piece of jewelry. Sick tree had to be cut down. And this marked the beginning of an interesting project Mimi. The very form of the stump, which was formed after the branches were cut, prompted the woman to think about a small house.

Mimi asked her husband to leave a stump about a meter high.Having carefully examined the wood, the woman gave some more instructions on cutting. The craftswoman did not want to wait a minute!

Together with her husband, Mimi went to the nearest hardware store to get everything you need for the project. The most important thing to buy was a cedar board. Her husband Mimi cut into squares, and polished them thoroughly. This was the beginning of a new "construction".

Until recently, Mimi did not dedicate her husband to the details of her idea. He simply followed her instructions, knowing that his wife would definitely come up with something interesting. After all, Mimi often does beautiful things for their yard, and the house stands out favorably against the background of neighboring buildings.

After the board was cut, the assembly of the future “tile” began. To do this, all the squares collected and nailed to a plywood base. For fixing, small copper nails were used.

As soon as the roof with cedar "tile" crowned the stump, it became clear what kind of construction should be in the end.

Part of the cedar plates were nailed after the roof was installed on the stump. After all the parts were fixed, the upper part was covered with a metal sheet, which was supposed to protect the ridge from rain.

The metal part of the roof is fixed with the help of all the same nails.

After the little house found its silhouette, Mimi surrounded the stump with fresh soil to portray a small hill. This was supposed to give the house a man-made look.

After the roof was installed, the wood needed to be settled a little before it was coated. To protect the roof from moisture, Mimi closed it with a film, and began to decorate the bottom of the "house". A little later, the artisan applied waterproofing to the roof.

And that's what happened in the end. In place of the old stump appeared dwelling for the dwarves!

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