The creative potential of the individual - what is it?

What it is

Creativity is the ability of the individual to generate new hypotheses and abandon the old ways of thinking, as well as the ability to go beyond the proposed option. Such behavior is inherent to leaders, and they, first of all, should be extraordinary in their view of the environment. In addition, they must have an irresistible desire to change this world.
Creative thinking has one who works hard on himself and is not afraid to express himself. He respects his thought and fantasy so much that he spends a lot of time and effort on his work. This is the case when the imagination comes to the fore, having under itself a base of basic knowledge in the area in which the potential of a person develops. From this we can conclude that he, first of all, has intellectual talent, and then the ability to think extraordinarily.

How to develop creativity

The key points in any independent development can be considered motivation. That for which you need to develop the ability to think creatively. Each person determines for what he does it. Someone simply cannot do otherwise, he needs an expression of his nature. One way or another, one should not be afraid of manifesting oneself, inventing something new on the basis of an existing one, actively proposing one's finds, supported by like-minded people. You should not wait for inspiration, passion to work will appear in the process, if there is an initial interest in it. The main thing is not to stop!
Of course, much depends on the upbringing of a person in childhood, on his environment. Those who grew up in a creative and welcoming environment have a greater chance to develop their potential. Acceptance and praise of parents at the right time can play the role of a push in the discovery of talents in a child.
But, do not forget: strong people develop in solitude, because out-of-the-ordinary ideas rarely come to several individuals at the same time. And even more rarely the way of implementing these ideas coincides. Such people become leaders and hire like-minded people to their team, infecting them with a common idea.Nevertheless, even a large creative company is divided into individuals, each of which is an expert and a dreamer in his particular field. Together they act as a team, as a general mechanism of a company, provided that the company is managed by a competent, strong-willed creative director.
A person can play any role in society, and how effectively he will do it depends on whether the creative potential of his personality is well developed, and this, in turn, depends only on himself.

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