The girl went on a very risky experiment to get rid of acne

tried to cure acne on the face for many years, but no method gave a stable result. The expensive medicines that doctors prescribed for treatment acted only during their intake. As soon as the treatment with prescription drugs was over, the acne again covered Molly's face.

The girl decided to refer to the method, which in some circles is considered unconventional. She stopped washing herself! Oddly enough, but this way Molly heard as a recommendation from one beautician. Initially, the advice shocked the girl, but she was desperate and ready to try anything.

The method does not imply the complete abandonment of water or skin cleansing, but a certain scheme is applied. First of all, Molly had to eliminate soap and facial wash from his arsenal of skin care for Molly's face.In addition, the face should not be rubbed, instead just by pouring a shower. Molly applied lotion to the skin against sun rays on the skin, and in the evening rubbed her face with micellar water and smeared with moisturizer.

When the inflammation appeared, the girl put on them a remedy from the pharmacy. But over time, this had to be done less and less. Molly's skin has come in excellent condition on its own. The girl no longer has to constantly visit a cosmetologist or take specialized medications.

This care girl adheres to the year, and, as they say, the result on the face!

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