The main disadvantages and advantages of burning trips

Last minute trips - it is very profitable. But such proposals of travel companies have a lot of disadvantages.

What is a hot ticket?

Before analyzing the cons of burning vouchers, it is worth getting into the essence of this concept. The word "burning" means that the trip will have to meet as soon as possible. But the price of the tour will be more than affordable, and therefore such offers are in demand.

But what caused the incredible discounts at times? Price reduction can be done for several reasons. The first is the refusal of a voucher previously acquired by another person. In this case, the tour operator is looking for ways to sell it as soon as possible so as not to lose money.

The second reason is the lack of demand for certain offers. Often last minute tickets are offered in the off season. During such periods, there are not so many tourists in popular countries, and in order not to remain at a loss, companies offer trips at discounted prices.

Main disadvantages

What are the dangerous vouchers? They have the following disadvantages:

  1. The need for fast fees. Usually last-minute tours are sold literally within a few days before departure, so you have to buy everything you need and pack your bags as soon as possible, and this often leads to the omission of important items on the tourist list. In addition, not everyone has the opportunity to quickly and without problems to take due leave according to the law. Usually, even a well-deserved rest is provided only at a certain time, and the authorities must be warned about their intentions in advance.
  2. Return a ticket can not be. Yes, unlike pre-booked trips, last minute is not subject to return or exchange. So if a force majeure situation suddenly arises, then in any case you will lose money, unless, of course, you find a new buyer (which is unlikely).
  3. Lack of choice, and this applies both to the date and time of departure, and to the hotel, transport and other important points. In other words, the travel company will decide everything for you, and you will have to be content with what the operator provides.
  4. Quality rest.Few tourists who bought last minute tours manage to enjoy a full and memorable holiday. This is possible only if the client for some reason refused to travel. In other cases, the quality of services provided by tour operators leaves much to be desired. For example, trips sold during the off-season or at the end of the season are usually not of high quality. As a rule, hotels and transport are provided, not too demanded and not completely filled. And the lack of demand for them is usually associated with discontent travel and negative reviews.
  5. It is very difficult to find a truly profitable and at the same time high-quality and suitable for you in all parameters. Often cheap tours with good conditions “fly away” like hot cakes. And in order to find something really worthwhile and satisfying to all requests, you must either constantly browse the websites of agencies, have relatives or friends among employees of travel agencies, or just spend the night in such companies or constantly be on duty at their doors, tracking all offers.
  6. Not a secret,that many last minute and supposedly lucrative offers involve trips in the off season. And in some countries during such periods there is simply nothing to do, while in others it can be dangerous at all. So, you can get to the "paradise" in the rainy season, cold weather or typhoons. And then you will not succeed in not only enjoying the warm and calm sea, but simply relaxing carefree.
  7. Various problems. A travel company may simply not have time before you arrive at your destination to resolve all organizational issues, including booking a hotel. And then you will have to either wait, or be content with another proposed option (and it may not suit you, or even disappoint you), or seek temporary housing on your own. In any case, the rest will be spoiled.
  8. Problems with documents. In some countries there is a visa regime, and it may take a long time to complete all the necessary documents. Of course, often tour operators incur such concerns, but this does not give you a guarantee that everything will be completed fully and efficiently. And if the agents are in a hurry or in a hurry to miss something, then you may simply not be allowed into the state and sent back, or even considered to be a violator or a criminal.

How to choose a hot tour?

What should a tourist do in order to save money and enjoy a quality holiday?

  • Do not chop off the shoulder. Yes, you need to make a decision quickly, but often tour operators deliberately force things and hurry customers so as not to be at a loss. So do not listen if you are forced to purchase a tour immediately, even without documents and money. Come home, think carefully, weigh the pros and cons, clarify all the important points, study the reviews about the company and the hotel, and only then agree to buy if everything suits you.
  • If you intend to buy a burning tour, you should not go to the first available travel company. Study a few sentences and constantly monitor new ones so as not to miss out on a truly profitable and completely satisfying you. And trust only agencies with an impeccable reputation.
  • Price should not be the main and decisive criterion of choice. Yes, the cost can be very attractive, but as they say, "free cheese is only in a mousetrap." And chasing discounts, you can overlook the quality of rest. In addition, too low a price should alert, because the company definitely will not sell tours at a loss, which means that the range of services and costs are minimal.
  • If you are still not lucky, do not get upset.In the end, this is an adventure that you will definitely remember. So just relax and enjoy the new atmosphere and new emotions.
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