The most effective way to recover a battery

What batteries can I recover?

This method is suitable for batteries that are the period of their operation were not subject to serious current or mechanical damage. And they fell into disrepair as a result of temporary natural sulphation. This method is not suitable for batteries that have internal shedding of plates, there is an internal closure of cans, there is swelling or other mechanical damage. The method is excellent for desulfation of plates and popularly called the battery reversal method. I will divide the battery recovery into three stages.

Battery recovery process

Stage one: preparation

The first is not necessary, but you need to do this to clean the surface of the battery from any dirt. Rinse the entire surface with detergent. Next,visually verify that there are no damages on the case, no blistering and bulges on the sides. Second, open all the cans plugs and make sure that electrolyte is present. If it is not in one of the cans, then you need to make sure that there are no cracks on the case. Then, using a flashlight, you can inspect the plates inside - there should be no shedding. Here you can clearly see the sulfation - just a white bloom on the plates.
The most effective way to restore the battery
If everything is in order, add distilled water to each level in each jar. It would not be superfluous to measure the electrolyte density of each compartment.

Stage Two: The Classic Recovery Method

Before moving on to reversing the battery, you should test the conventional recovery method, which has already become a classic. Step One:we charge the battery until the full charge is 14.4 V.
The most effective way to restore the battery
Step two:a halogen light bulb or other load discharges the battery to 10.6 V (the voltage is measured under the sameload).
The most effective way to restore the battery
We repeat the cycle of these two steps 3 times and charge the battery to full. Check the capacity of the load fork or starter in the machine. If the battery has recovered - well - continue operation. If not, or not enough, go to the third stage.

Third stage: reversal of the battery

This battery recovery method is the most effective of all existing ones. And it reanimates the battery in almost 90% of cases. Step one:we hang the load on the battery in the form of a halogen lamp, and discharge the battery to zero. The lamp will go out in about a day (it all depends on the initial capacity of the battery). We leave the battery with the lamp connected for another 2-3 days to finally discharge the remains. Step two:charging the battery with reverse current. We connect the charger on a turn: plus to a minus, and a minus to plus. In order not to spoil your charger (or to prevent short-circuit protection), in series batteries connect the same halogen lamp.And charge the battery in reverse polarity. After the voltage has risen to 5-6 volts, the lamp can be excluded from the circuit. The charge current is desirable to put 5 percent of the battery capacity. That is, if the capacity is 60 ampere-hours, then the charge current in the opposite direction is set to 3 Amperes. At this time, all the banks with electrolyte begin to actively seethe and hiss - this is normal, as the reverse process is underway.
The most effective way to restore the battery
We charge for about a day, until a voltage of 12-14 V appears. As a result, you have a fully charged battery with a minus output and a minus plus .
The most effective way to restore the battery
Step three:again, completely discharge the battery with a halogen lamp for a couple of days. Then we make the correct charge plus to the plus, minus to minus. We charge up to 14,4 V. - This completes all the actions.

Restoration of the battery

Usually the result helps to increase the battery capacity to 70-100% of the factory one, of course there are exceptions. Specifically, in my case, I managed to raise the capacity by 95% -which is a great result. A white sulphate bloom disappeared from the plates and they turned black like a new battery. The electrolyte has become more transparent and cleaner.

Battery Recovery Video

I recommend that you watch the video where the dead battery, which is about 10 years old, is restored completely. At first there is a "buildup" with a change in the polarity of the power supply, and almost at the very end a full reversal cycle has been given.

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