The most fashionable and popular hair accessories (8 photos)

Any woman knows that beautiful and laid hair in a neat hairstyle, always attract attention to themselves, and also contribute to the creation of a complete and stylish look.

Use hair ornaments correctly

From time immemorial, women decorated their hair with various ribbons, fresh flowers and shells, the desire to decorate themselves in the female consciousness was always present.

Over the years, decorations evolved, changed and became more complicated, but the idea remained the same - using the interesting and unusual little things to diversify and decorate their appearance.

The choice of accessories is just huge.

The modern market of pleasant female trifles boasts a huge variety of the most beautiful and unusual hair accessories, they can satisfy the needs of even the most capricious consumers.

Another not less popular feature is the creation of fashionable hair accessories with your own hands, there is nothing complicated about it, but you will definitely look special and exclusive.

In other words, everyone can decorate their hair without any special problems; it’s just necessary to understand modern trends and fashion trends, because any girl, regardless of age, wants to look attractive.

The main thing is to choose accessories

By the way, until a certain point there was a widespread opinion that only young girls could decorate their hair, older women should limit themselves to this by resorting to strict hairstyles.

However, the latest fashion trends have proved absolutely the opposite; the only thing is that the rule should be followed: the older the woman, the more precious and the richer and more expensive jewelry should be.

Original dressing

For example, a young girl can easily pin her hair with a plastic bracelet or tie her hair with an elastic band, while women aged in age will prefer accessories made from natural materials, for example wood or precious metals, with precious or semiprecious stones. To emphasize its individuality and uniqueness, it is better to use designer exclusive jewelry.

Hairpins decorate any girl

How to use hair accessories?

Indeed, it seems that there is something complicated, everything is extremely simple: a barrette stabs hair, an elastic band - fastens, ribbons are woven and so on.

Cute and beautiful

However, not everything is as simple as it may seem at first glance. Picking yourself another fashionable zakolochku or any other accessory, first of all you need to pay attention to your color, for example, girls with warm shades of hair are best suited accessories of golden and the same warm tones.

But brunettes and blond girls are better to turn their attention to the accessories of silver and cold shades, they will stand out against the background of dark hair.

It is important to choose accessories for hair in the tone of the image that you plan to try on yourself, they must be combined with the color of the dress, shoes, other accessories or jewelry, handbag or gloves. Also, in this case, the main thing is not to overdo it, an accessory or decoration can be just one thing, and a large abundance of different clips or ribbons can make your image somewhat cluttered and untidy.

Perfect hairstyle

It is also important to choose a regular accessory, depending on the event, for example, for sports it is enough to tie up the hair with an ordinary elastic band or to stab it with a smooth hairpin of a simple geometric shape. But various tiaras and hairpins with stonesflowers and sparkles are more suitable for evening exits, trips to a nightclub or romantic dates.

Bright image

What hair accessories are there?

In a huge variety of hair accessories it is quite easy to get lost, because different fashion trends have been going on for years, and even decades, and with them various jewelry and cute items for women's hairstyles. Probably, most girls are very interested in that now among the hair ornaments is at the peak of popularity, what needs to be purchased first and foremost, and what is already possible and not to pay attention at all. Let's try to figure it out.

  • Bandages. This season, as in the past, retro style is very popular, however it is too extensive, you will say, and you will be right. Fashionable and well-known designers advise to concentrate on the 20-70s of the last century, it is accessories of those years that are back in fashion. This and various scarves-bandages, with their variegated and juicy colors, they will easily make your image fresh and relaxed. Hippie-style thin headbands are also popular, and they are worn - affecting part of the forehead. They can be made of woven leather laces,fabric strips, the peak of the season - these are grunge and rocker styles - bandages, studded with spikes, transparent glass pyramids and other similar elements.
  • Hoops. It seems to be such an ordinary hair accessory, and what a stormy popularity he has acquired lately, headbands of various shapes and sizes, studded with all kinds of flora and, sometimes, fauna, are especially famous! The abundance of flowers, petals and leaves, small shoots or berry motifs in the hair - all this is very popular and incredibly fashionable. Another new direction - headbands that are decorated with cat or mouse ears, they can be made in the form of a conventional wire frame, and can even have a bohemian look - studded with stones and rhinestones. Also in the fashion are the favorite rims with ribbons, which can also have the most incredible sizes and colors, but are made of a variety of materials and combinations.
  • Hairpins. In place of the messy bunches, as well as the romantic turmoil on the head, came elegant and taut buns, smoothly combed tails and neat braids. And hairpins also changed their appearance, now, according to designers, they should have a restrained and rather modest appearance, but should be made of expensive and natural materials.Hairpins, studded with stones and rhinestones should certainly be available for every girl, but they are suitable for evening and special occasions.
  • Brooches. Recently, brooches have spread among young girls, they may not be designed for hair at all, to have a vintage, even deliberately outdated look - with coarse curls and large stones. Another trend of this season is brooches and hairpins with various insects, it can be dragonflies, beetles or butterflies, it is better that they are decorated with stones or multi-colored rhinestones.
  • How to do without wedding accessories for hairstyles, because on such and such a day everything should be perfect, and hair is no exception. The image of the bride will be complete only when there is a veil or any other wedding accessories on her head that, as well as possible, will emphasize the bride's individuality. It can be all kinds of ribbons, decorative compositions of beads, ribbons, flowers and pebbles, barrettes-crystals that look magical and even fabulous, turning the bride into a real princess are especially popular among brides.
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