The photographer apologized to Lupita Niongo for retouching her hairstyle

“Don't touch my hair,” sang Solange, Beyonce's sister, in the same track, Don't Touch My Hair. And two weeks ago she was very unhappy with how, during the retouching of her picture for the cover of the magazine Evening Standard Magazine, a halo of afrokosichek in her hairdo was removed. The magazine apologized to the singer, adding that the photo retouch was done solely for the sake of optimal layout of the cover, but certainly not in order to infringe on its national identity.

Publication by Solange (@saintrecords)Oct 19 2017 at 9:25 am PDT

Solange accepted an apology, but the other day a scandal erupted around the actress of Kenyan origin Lupia Nyongo: she also accused of unnecessary retouching her aphroically British magazine Grazia, leaving an angry message in her instagram. In a post, Lupita compared the original images with the one that ultimately adorned the cover: “I often made it clear that I accepted my heritage. Although light skin and silky hair are beauty standards, I know that my dark skin and my curly hair are also beautiful.Shooting for the cover, I perceive as an opportunity to show other black people, especially children, that they are beautiful in their nature. I am disappointed that Grazia Uk has changed my hair in accordance with its own standards of beauty. If this issue were discussed with me, I would explain to them that I can not condone the depreciation of my heritage. "

Publication from Lupita Nyong'o (@lupitanyongo)Nov 9 2017 at 6:11 PST

It is hardly possible to see in the intentions of the author of the picture to insult or demean the dignity of the actress. Nevertheless, Vietnamese-born New York-based photographer An Le said he “deeply regrets” that he edited the actress's hairdo, smoothing her hair: “I had time to reflect on my contribution to the incident with Grazia magazine and Ms. Nyong'o. Now I understand that this was an incredibly huge mistake on my part, and I would like to apologize to Mrs. Nyong'o and other people whom I have offended. Since I am an immigrant myself, my duty is to advocate for diversity in the beauty industry. ”

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