Thermostat selection for floor heating

thermostat for heatingUnderfloor heating systems of a whim and curiosity have become a necessary necessity, especially in homes where there are small children. For the full functioning of the floor heating system can not do without a reliable thermostat, or thermostat.

This device relies on the execution of several functions at once: turning the heating on and off, maintaining the temperature mode in the room, protecting the system from overheating. The correct choice of thermostat depends on how much electricity will be spent and, accordingly, your money for heating the room.

Temperature controllers for heating today are of several types: mechanical, electronic, sensory and programmable.

Mechanical thermostats can be called the simplest, because they are desirable to use only in rooms with a small area and in the absence of the need to save electricity.They only allow you to turn on and off the heating system, while there is no possibility to set the required temperature. These thermostats are uneconomical, moreover, the heating of the room takes some time.

Electronic thermostats are equipped with a screen that displays the floor temperature. Thanks to him, you can control the level of heating of the room, as well as block the heating temperature controller from child intervention. Such thermostats due to the precise setting of the required temperature can save your money and time. Touch thermostats are very similar to them, with the only difference being that the programmable devices have a liquid crystal screen.

Programmable thermostats are most convenient to use and not only save money, but also warm the house exactly to your arrival. They are equipped with sensors and a screen that show not only the temperature of the air, but also the temperature of the floor. These thermostats can be programmed in accordance with the schedule of your life - turn off during the absence, maintaining only the minimum allowable temperature, and before coming home immediately turn on the heating and warm the room.

The programmable thermostats work in a predetermined mode until you change it; there is an opportunity to program the operation of the thermostat not only within the framework of the day, but also of the week, so that the heating mode on Sunday and Monday may differ. This type of thermostat significantly reduces costs, so it is most often used for heating large areas.

It is better to choose a thermostat with a specialist, because there are several nuances that need to be taken into account: the power of the floor heating system, the type of wiring (for open - invoice thermostat, for closed - built-in), the number of channels (one - if you need to maintain the same temperature in several rooms, several - for different temperature levels in different rooms).

Among the extra features, the most important is the ability to turn on and off at a specified time, as well as the adaptation system - thanks to it, you can set when the floor should heat up to a certain temperature. If you have young children, look for models that involve locking.

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