This haircut is suitable for all women, for any length of hair, any type of hair and for any age.

This haircut - just a godsend for women, is an analogue of the popular cascade, only much more interesting. And that's why. The standard cascade here is complemented by a hat, so the haircut is volumetric and elegant. Called sheItaliano.

The main advantage of Italian - its versatility - it is suitable for absolutely all women.For over 30 years, it has not lost its relevance, which means it’s worth a try! In this article you will learn all about the advantages and features of haircuts Italian. Show the photo to the master!


Italian haircut is based on the technique of cascades. A distinctive feature of this model is the so-called "cap", which forms the silhouette of hair. In this case, the front strands beautifully frame the face, and the rear gently fall down.

Haircut Italian is popular with womenany age and profession. In addition, this model is preferred by Hollywood stars. Jessica Alba, who is considered the benchmark of femininity and elegance, chose a stylish option for medium hair. The addition of her beautiful image was a slanting bang that emphasized the graceful lines and clear contours of the hairstyle.

Haircut Italian became the favorite hairstyle of American actress Lindsay Lohan, who chose the feminine option for long hair. In addition, this model was chosen by Charlize Theron, creating an interesting image on short strands. So, what is the secret of the popularity of "Italian"?

Versatility. Haircut Italian is considered universal, as it is suitable for all types of hair. This model looks beautiful on both long and short strands. Besides,"Aurora"(another name for this hairstyle) is suitable for girls with curly locks. A prime example of this is Charlize Theron, a photo of which you can see above.
Easy styling.To make the hair look well-groomed, you only need a hairdryer and a round comb. With their help you will achieve the effect of lightness and volume. In addition, you can experiment and wind the curls with a curling iron or hair curlers.

Haircut Italian will be the perfect complement to any image. Such a model will be advantageous to look at the gala event, and at a business meeting.
"Aurora" is suitable for any type of person. She successfully disguises minor shortcomings of appearance and emphasizes her dignity. With such a haircut you will always be in the spotlight.

This model does not need constant correction at the hairdresser.Even grown-up strands will look natural and will not attract attention.
"Aurora" is combined with any kind of bangs. Slanting, straight, torn or asymmetrical - the choice is yours.

Variety of options.Thanks to the variety of options for this model, each girl will be able to choose an option to his liking. Italian haircut looks advantageous on long and short hair. An individual approach to the design of the “cap” and front curls will allow each girl to create their own unique look that will emphasize all the beautiful features of the face. So, what are the variations of this hairstyle?

On short hair

"Italian" will emphasize the unique style of each girl. This model looks very original on short strands. Clear contours and smooth transitions, elegant forms and unusual textures - all this will become a real decoration for the girl.In addition, this hairstyle keeps the volume in any situation, which makes it not only stylish, but also practical.

Also, even on short hair you can experiment, creating each time a new styling. Slightly twist the tips or form elegant curls - the choice is yours! The photo below shows the different options for "Aurora" for short hair.

Medium length hair

“Aurora” on medium-sized strands is a classic version of a haircut that will decorate any woman.

This model looks good with the original coloration, for example, highlighting.

The photo below presents original and stylish images that every girl can easily realize.

On long ringlets

"Aurora" on long hair looks particularly elegant. Multi-layered and graceful contours will allow to achieve volume on thin and thick hair. A large number of options for styling such a hairstyle will allow daily creating original images. The photo below shows interesting variations on long curls.

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