This is very funny: 20 dogs in a ridiculous situation

Do you think that only in people it happens that the day has not been set since the morning? Oh, no.

Yes, dogs are no worse than people who can fall into a foolish position. Or maybe even better. However, puppy owners know this more than anyone. How should I roll on chalked asphalt? No problem. Let it be rainbow wool. Or maybe what's worse? Great! Let the owner suffer, washing stinky muck from a contented pet. And nothing that a man barely faints from the disgusting smell. For children, you change diapers, and nothing. And those, too, do not smell lilies.

Dogs get stuck in the holes in the fence, chasing a cat and forgetting about the difference in size. They roll on freshly cut grass, dyeing their wool in a nice pale green color. They can spoil any photo with an absurd expression of the muzzle or with a sudden desire to relieve themselves. Thank you for not hurt the photographer. They may be afraid of a kitten or a vacuum cleaner, so much so that you have to get the dog from the chandelier. And the dogs that decided to chase the bee ... Yeah, poured Goofy.But there was a cute baby husky.

But what is most remarkable, all this nonsense makes the world a better place. After all, no one was hurt, and the owner even had fun from the heart. You can laugh at the dog, it will not be offended, only it will rejoice with you. Well, and the culprits of the folly done do not suffer from this nonsense.

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