Tip 2: How to crochet leggings

Gaiters are warm stockings without a footprint, the semblance of a tops of which is worn over the shoe. They perfectly warm your feet in the cool season, when you still do not want to part with your shoes. They are irreplaceable when playing sports, especially in winter. Modern leggings can be found in the sale for every taste - thin and warm, decorated in a variety of styles. But who would not like to decorate their legs with an original product, which nobody has definitely not! The output is known - to tie the leggings independently.

What is needed in order to tie the leggings

Knit crochet leggings - a pleasure. Even an aspiring craftswoman who has just learned to hold a hook in her hands will cope with such work. They fit very quickly and simply, you just need to pick up the necessary materials. The yarn will need a little, about 150-200 grams, but the color and composition - to taste. You can use the remnants of yarn from previous products - then get fun striped leggings.
But the color and shape of their future leggings should be thought out.Owners of not too long and full legs should remember that horizontal stripes and too voluminous leggings will visually shorten them. In this case, it is better to choose monochromatic and, after the completion of the work, decorate them with vertical elements.
The hook should be chosen according to the thickness of the yarn, which is especially important if the main function of the gaiter is to warm the legs. Then you can think about the decorative details - buttons, cord, ribbons that contrast or match the main material - everything here depends on the imagination of the skilled worker, and get to work!

Knit gaiters

Knit leggings from top to bottom. First, we collect a chain of air loops. The length of the chain should correspond to the girth of the leg under the knee. It is better to knit in a circle so that the leggings are seamless. To do this, we close the chain into a ring and then knit it in columns without crochet several rows in a circle. Bars without nakida allow to make the top of the gaiter more dense, well-supported on the leg. If the whole product should be more loose and voluminous, then you can continue to work with double crochets.
The usual length of gaiters is 30-40 centimeters, but if you like, you can make them longer or shorter.To vary the width of the product, in order for it to tightly fit the leg below, for example, you can change the size of the hook - at the right time go to the hook of a smaller size. You can reduce the number of loops. Having tied the leggings of the desired length, you should fasten the last one, hide the end of the thread - and your wardrobe will be replenished with stylish and interesting detail!
Gaiters now perform not only their main function, they are also decoration. Often they are knitted with openwork, colored, interesting shapes, for example, and imitation of lacing. This method of knitting, of course, requires more skill, but the result will be more interesting. But even the easiest way to connect leggings is easy to decorate.

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