Tip 2: Proper nutrition of children under one year

Of course, mother's milk is the optimal nutrition for children under one year old, which is ideal for a child’s body. No modern food can replace the benefits of breast milk, which is formed through the immune system of the child. Thus, babies who are breastfed or mixed-fed are less likely to suffer from colds, as their bodies become more resistant to various viruses and infections.
It is advisable to choose the food for children up to a year. The menu depends on the age and individual characteristics of the child. Each month involves the introduction of a product, as breast milk gradually becomes less useful, and the children's body requires enhanced nutrition. Of course, a nursing mother should carefully monitor her diet to include fresh vegetables and fruits. In addition, it should exclude alcohol and sugar consumption.
You can enter lure since 2-3 months.As a rule, the first food for children under one year is to get juices. You need to start with a few drops, gradually increasing the amount depending on the reaction of the body. The less allergenic juice is apple juice, which should be pre-diluted with water in equal proportions. If the child's body tolerates the juice well, then you can begin to enter another juice, but only gradually and alternately.
The fourth month of a child’s life requires further feeding of children up to a year — vegetable and fruit purees, which can be purchased at specialized baby food stores or made at home. The most common and favorite child's dish is mashed potatoes, which can gradually be added in small quantities butter, salt and milk.
The following month, the nutrition of children of the first year of life includes cottage cheese. But not all children at this age love cottage cheese in its original form. To give a beautiful look and a sweetish taste, you can add fruit purees, sour cream, mashed banana, etc.
In six months, a variety of cereals are being prepared, which enrich the children's body with the necessary trace elements and vitamins.At first it is necessary to grind the cereal, so that the baby can swallow it with ease. When the first teeth appear, it is necessary to gradually introduce solid food, with the help of which the speech apparatus develops and the structure of the teeth is formed.
In 7-8 months in the nutrition of children up to a year, you can enter meat products and fish dishes, after grinding and removing the bones. The predominant cooking methods for small children are boiling or steaming. Due to this, the products remain the maximum amount of nutrients that are necessary for the child.
By the year the child is accustomed to the basic set of adult nutrition. Occasionally, you can give salted foods (pickles, salted fish), which has a positive effect on metabolic processes, as well as increases appetite.
When the appearance of teeth should not offer the child mashed food, let him independently begin to chew and digest food. Start with small pieces (for example, a slice of apple), and later you can try to bite off independently from the whole fruit.
Throughout life, do not forget about ordinary drinking water, which is simply necessary for the internal processes of the child's body. This quantity does not need to include juices, teas, dairy products.As a rule, in the hot season and with increasing body temperature a large amount of moisture is required, part of which evaporates through sweat from the surface of the skin at high temperatures of air and body.

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