How to decorate

The easiest way to decorate a knitted beret is to sew on the whole headdress, excluding gum, beads of large and medium sizes. You can sew them in the way fantasy tells you, for example, you can sew beads in a spiral, trying to make the same distance between the decorative elements, or attach them in a chaotic order.

Lovers of brighter things can be advised to decorate the beret with multi-colored buttons of different diameters. A headdress decorated with such decorative elements will certainly please young women of the fair sex.

Choose the best option for finishing and start to work. In order for the pattern to turn out to be smooth, first with the help of large stitches, draw the necessary pattern on the beret, and then proceed directly to the finishing itself. At the end of the work, remove the thread.

How to decorate felt beret

Felt monochrome beret without decoration looks boring, so many girls, having purchased such an accessory, think how it can be decorated. Felt beret decor options are numerous, for example, hats decorated with original patterns made of beads, rhinestones or beads look very interesting.

In order to decorate the beret with one of the above described elements, put on a three-liter jar, then mark with an ordinary pin an oval or rounded contour (a pattern will be created within it). Next, proceed to decorating the accessory: carefully sew or glue the decorative elements in the form of a specific pattern. It is desirable to apply the drawing on the headdress in advance, depicting it with the help of a special piece of chalk.

Tip 2: How to decorate eggs for Easter with your own hands

The main decorations of the Easter table are Easter cheese cake, Easter cakes and, of course, colorful Easter eggs. There are many options for decorating eggs for the most anticipated holiday of spring.
How to decorate eggs for Easter with your own hands
You will need
  • - food colorings;
  • - film for decorating eggs;
  • - gouache (or stickers in the form of eyes);
  • - napkins;
  • - glue;
  • - eggs;
  • - clothespins;
  • - brushes.
Decorate eggs for Easter at home
Boil eggs until tender. Take a few bowls, pour a glass of hot water into them, in each bowl dissolve a sachet of food coloring (take dyes in different colors). Flax rope cut into pieces of one meter, put them in bowls with bright water. When the water has cooled, remove the ropes, dry them.
Now proceed to decorating the eggs: take the egg and apply a little glue on the pointed part of it and glue one of the ends of the rope. Gently wind the entire egg with a rope in a spiral, trying to make the coils as close as possible to each other. Glue the second end of the rope to the egg.
Cut one of the ropes into segments of 5-10 centimeters and glue them to the coiled egg in the form of any patterns: flowers, stars, hearts, curls, etc.
Similarly, decorate the rest of the eggs, each time taking the basis of the rope of new colors.
We decorate eggs for Easter for children
Boil the eggs. Dissolve the dyes in different bowls and place the eggs in them for at least an hour. Rub painted eggs from water.
With the help of gouache on each egg, draw eyes, nose and mouth, moreover, so that you get funny faces.If you are not doing very well with drawing, then buy the appropriate stickers (images of eyes, lips, noses, etc.) in the office supply store and use them to decorate eggs.
We decorate eggs for Easter with children
On the eve of Easter, almost every store sells special films designed to decorate eggs. Buy a few liked and with the children try to decorate their eggs.
Boil the right amount of eggs. Cut the film into the desired pieces, then place the eggs in the resulting film-pockets. Boil the water and pour it into a wide bowl. Gently place the eggs in water for five to seven seconds. Decorate eggs with spoons out of the water and rub.
We decorate eggs for Easter napkins
Boil eggs in onion peel (they will turn burgundy in color). Take beautiful napkins, for example, with flowers, fold them in the form of triangles. Wrap each egg with a napkin, fasten the ends of the napkins with clothespins. Decorated in this way eggs do not need a stand.
It should be noted that instead of clothespins, you can use flaxen ropes or bright ribbons.
Helpful advice
As a dye for eggs, you can use turmeric, beet juice and blueberries, coffee, tea, etc.

Tip 3: How to decorate the kitchen for the New Year with their own hands

Decorating the house for one of the most long-awaited holidays of the year - the New Year - is common. However, many families prefer to decorate only the living room and children's rooms, not taking into account the kitchen and dining room. And in vain, because the design of these rooms will give a fabulous atmosphere of the upcoming holiday every time you will be in them.
How to decorate the kitchen with their own hands for the New Year

Before embarking on the decoration of the kitchen, it is necessary to assess the size of the room and decide on the size of future decorations. Often, kitchens in apartments are small, so when choosing a decor, preference should be given to miniature elements, for example, Christmas balls and snowflakes, original wreaths and garlands, bells tied with bows, tinsel and other things. Balls and bells can be hung on the handles of kitchen cabinets or chandeliers, a garland - over the windows, a wreath - on the door, and tinsel - on the mezzanine of kitchen furniture.

Balls, festoons and New Year's wreaths are classics, but if you want to get away from this style, then in this case the acquisition of all sorts of kitchen accessories in the New Year's style will be the ideal solution.Currently, a huge assortment of curtains, aprons, tacks, chair covers, tablecloths and tableware with snowflakes, Christmas trees, snowmen and others is provided in the stores. Get a harmoniously selected kit, place all the accessories properly and the kitchen will play with new magic colors.

Give a highlight to the room will help candles, which you can place in the kitchen on your own. Do not be lazy to create a composition of candles: pick up volumetric candles of different lengths and colors, place them on a tray in a chaotic order, then wrap them with green tinsel two or three times and lower the resulting wreath to the base of the candles. If desired, decorate the composition with artificial rowan berries and place the created beauty either in the center of the table or on the window sill.

If the dimensions of the kitchen allow, then it is possible to install an outdoor Christmas tree in it, if the kitchen is quite small, then in this case it is better to prefer a small bouquet of living spruce and pine branches decorated in a certain style, or an artificial miniature green beauty that can fit on a table or windowsill.

If there are children in your family, then involve them in the process of decorating the kitchen and all together draw a bright New Year's poster, make a paper garland and decorate with them a free wall in the kitchen. Since 2016 is the year of the Fire Red Monkey, when decorating the room, try to use bright decorative elements in red, yellow and orange tones.

  • How to decorate an apartment for the New Year 2013

Tip 4: How to decorate a bottle

You still have the original bottle, you don’t know what gift to present to a person who is difficult to surprise with a souvenir, you like to make with your own hands and have creative imagination - then you can turn an ordinary glass bottle into a real masterpiece. It is enough to decorate it with ribbons, decorative mesh, sequins, fur or feathers.
How to decorate a bottle

Various paints will help to decorate the bottle beautifully - for glass, acrylic, contour, as well as all kinds of brushes, napkins, varnish and glue. Such a thing will be an exclusive, can serve as an excellent element of decor, a unique decorative vase, an excellent gift.
It is easy to decorate the bottle yourself, making a wonderful vase.To do this, we take a glass bottle, glass paints, decoupage glue and a piece of fur. It is necessary to paint the bottle with different colors, and make a smooth transition from one tone to another. For example, from red to yellow, from yellow to green. The tonality of shades can be different, which one is more suitable for your decor. It is not necessary to delay with time at the time of coloring the glass, because the paints for glass dry very quickly. It is necessary that the colors are mixed, creating smooth transitions. For each type of paint you need to use different brushes. After the bottle dries, it can be decorated with decoupage glue and napkins. The decoupage technique involves decorating various objects with paper clippings. Those. cut a patterned picture out of napkins and glue it on the bottle. When the glue dries, to create the effect of convexity, you should apply the contour paint line, repeating the pattern. Contour paint can be a different color, for example, gold or silver. While the outline paint dries, you can decorate the neck of the bottle. With the help of superglue make rims of fur.The final touch will be to cover the picture with decoupage lacquer with glitter, which will add brightness to your beautiful product.
Another option to decorate the bottle could be the following example. To make a creation in the style of classic glamor, you need a thick maroon or pink paint, sequins, feather, glue. First you need to paint the bottle with acrylic paint, make a few strokes from the bottom of the bottle up to the neck with gold acrylic paint, it will emphasize luxury. The advantage of acrylic paint is that it is perfectly and evenly distributed. As the paint dries, glue a few feathers, matching the color, with silicone or glue. The neck of the bottle can be decorated with ribbon, as long as it matches the color. In order to decorate the bottle with sequins, put a layer of glue on the places of the bottle where this decorative element will flaunt.

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Tip 5: How to decorate a festive table with flowers

Decorating the festive table with flowers, we want to give pleasure to all the guests who have gathered on the occasion of the holiday. The feast will take place in a special festive atmosphere, if beautiful floral arrangements are present on the table.You can invite a professional florist, and you can create compositions for the holiday table with your own hands.
How to decorate a festive table with flowers
You will need
  • - floristic oasis for fresh flowers;
  • -vases
  • - flowers of different sizes.
In order to decorate the holiday table with flowers, you must follow these rules. The color scheme of the compositions should be combined with a tablecloth and table set. When creating flower arrangements, remember that they should not be at the level of a person’s eyes. The composition must be either lower or higher. Guests should be free to see each other. When talking to them should not interfere.
Flower arrangements can occupy only 1/5 of the holiday table. If the table is served for 8 people, one composition is enough. If more than 10 people gather at the table, two compositions are needed. A round or rectangular composition to put on the table will depend on the shape of the table. For a round table we take a round composition, a rectangular table will be decorated with a rectangular composition.
You can create compositions for decorating the holiday table with your own hands. Cut the floral oasis with a sharp knife to the size of the vessels for the compositions.Dip it in a container with water. Wait until it is filled with water and sink to the bottom. After that place it in the vases or vessels prepared for the compositions. Before installing in a floral sponge with a sharp knife, obliquely, cut the flowers. Do not reposition material in the same hole. In order to decorate the holiday table with flowers, use flowers of different sizes for the compositions: large - for the base, small - to fill the background.
Use various decorative elements to decorate the festive table. Butterflies, beads, rhinestones, mounted on a thin wire, can be easily placed in a floral arrangement.
Helpful advice
The finished composition water plentifully once a day with water.

Tip 6: How to decorate a bottle of champagne with satin ribbons

A bottle of champagne, decorated with satin ribbons, can be an excellent gift or decor for a festive table. To make such a decoration with your own hands will not be difficult.
How to decorate a bottle of champagne with satin ribbons
You will need
  • - a bottle of champagne
  • - satin ribbons (5 cm wide)
  • - hot glue
  • - glue moment
  • - scissors
  • - lighter
  • - rhinestones
In order to start wrapping our champagne bottle with ribbons, you need to clean it from the label, leaving only the foil on the cork. After the bottle is ready, you can start to dress it up. We take a dark blue satin ribbon 5 cm wide (for this decoration I used a wide ribbon) and glue it onto the top of the bottle in the shape of a Christmas tree so that there are no gaps.
To glue the tape for the background, you need a glue moment (or any other liquid glue), if you use a hot gun, then there are not even, convex strips, thanks to which the product looks inaccurately. The next strip of white sticking, and then continue with blue ribbons to the bottom.
When our background is ready, you can decorate the bottle. For the base of our flowers, we prepare double, sharp kanzashi petals, without cutting off their bottom, so that the flowers stand out from the other petals. Six petals for each flower.
Glue the petals together and get large flowers.
You need to glue the flowers so that one of them is in the center of the bottle, the other from the side below, the third from the other side above.
Next, we prepare leaves for our flowers, which will consist of three sharp kanzashi petals. Make leaves of the same color as the flower.
We will glue trefoils between the flower petals in two rows. So the flowers look bulky and lush.
After the flowers are ready, decorate the bottle with rhinestones. I decorated only the bottom corner of the bottle and the middle of the flowers. Finally, we decorate a bottle of champagne in a hat.

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