To make up his wife, her husband mastered the profession of a makeup artist in 84

Thanks to a touching relationship, carried through a lifetime, many learned about the Manahan from Waterford. In his 84 is not lost trembling feelings, Des wanted to make an unusual birthday present to his charming wife Monet. Gone vision and shaking hands - this is the reason why a woman was forced to abandon makeup. A true gentleman decided to take control of the situation and turned to the make-up artist Rosie O'Driskol to take a few lessons on applying makeup.

Live evening show Des, Mona and Rosie (from left to right).

Learning about the history of the four Manahan, make-up artist Kim Kardashian Mario Dedivanovic not only invited the couple to his master class, but also presented Deca with a shade with shadows.

This is how make-up is born, soaked with romance and the most tender feelings.

Source: RTE Player Source: RTE Player

The BBC also did not stand aside.

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