Tomatoes are worse than chocolate: proven - there is no healthy food

Those who are trying to lose weight, it is better to make decisions based on scientific facts, rather than fashionable diets.

Is your fridge stuffed with superfoods? Know exactly what is for youthful skin, what is for healthy hair, and what is for muscle tone? It seems for you the world will never be the same again.

Israeli scientists from the Weizmann Institute conducted a huge study and came to the conclusion that there is no universal healthy food. They processed information from 800 volunteers between the ages of 18 and 70 years. The participants in the experiment used a special application to report information about their lifestyle. Each was attached glucometer, constantly monitor blood sugar levels. The results struck the whole world.

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1. The body's response to food does not depend on food, but on the body.

It turns out that in some people the body reacts to unusual foods by increasing the level of sugar.For example, seemingly safe sushi causes a jump in sugar, equal to what a person would have eaten ice cream. And watermelon can raise blood sugar levels more than chocolate. One of the participants of the program said that she had tried to lose weight for many years, trying different diets until she realized that the reason for the high level of sugar in her blood was her favorite tomatoes.

In other words, different people can react quite differently to different foods, and this depends on several factors:

- the microbiome of a specific person (a set of 100 trillion microbes that live in the body). Different people have different microbiomes;

- physical activity. It requires energy that enters the muscles as sugar from the liver. More physically active people have cells that are more sensitive to glucose, so their sugar level is usually lower than that of sedentary people;

- level of stress. Stress causes our body to produce adrenaline and cortisol, which stimulates an increase in blood sugar levels.

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2. High glucose levels cause the body to accumulate fat and cause hunger.

When we eat food that is harmful to us, the blood sugar level rises and causes the pancreas to produce more insulin.Cells respond to this by retaining glucose in the form of glycogen and fat, which leads to a rapid drop in blood sugar levels and a feeling of hunger. As a result, we again eat and close the vicious circle of preserving fat and concomitant hunger, which ultimately leads to weight gain.

Here are the most popular signs of high blood sugar:

- frequent feeling of hunger;

- thirst;

- dry mouth;

- fast fatiguability;

- frequent urination, even at night;

- stomach problems;

- long recovery.

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3. Eating foods that cause a rapid increase in glucose leads to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

According to the WHO, the epidemic of diabetes is raging in the modern world, a disease caused by problems with insulin production. The number of diseases of the cardiovascular system, especially those associated with hyperglycemia (high sugar), is constantly growing. These diseases are one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Studies have also shown that general guidelines on healthy diets may not be effective for a particular person. That is why it is important to know which food is wholesome and which is not for you.This will help control blood sugar levels and prevent such diseases. This is what scientists recommend:

- choose foods that do not lead to a sharp increase in blood sugar levels;

- buy a blood glucose meter and measure the sugar level before and after a meal - this will help you understand how your body reacts to different products, the study quotes;

- limit portions. Increased sugar levels can be caused not only by food, but also by its quantity;

- drink more water while eating - it reduces the level of sugar;

- Experiment with carbohydrates: for example, try adding raisins to oatmeal instead of sugar and honey, and eat beans instead of pasta and rice;

- Do not use artificial sweeteners, because for most people they cause a jump in the level of sugar;

- do not buy low-fat dairy products and do not be afraid of fatty foods: in fact, cheese, butter and eggs help reduce blood sugar levels.

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