Top 5 kitchen sinks - April 2018

Kitchen sink should be beautiful, functional, comfortable and reliable. It's not for nothing that it is called the queen of the kitchen. Despite the fact that many modern kitchens are equipped with a dishwasher, you just can't do without washing in the kitchen.

The modern range of kitchen sinks impresses with a variety of shapes, materials and features. Qualitative is able to withstand temperature changes, chemical cleaning agents and mechanical influences. Manufacturers offer to buy a wash budget, medium and high price segment. At the same time the most popular are still classic stainless steel sinks. Therefore, we offer the top 5 kitchen sinks with a balanced price-performance ratio, which are in demand in the market of sanitary products and have received positive feedback from buyers. All sinks shown below are made of durable stainless steel and have one bowl.

Mortise cleaning Sofia S4848 mats.480x480- a compact square-shaped kitchen sink with dimensions of 48x18x48 cm. The sink is installed in a prepared cut-out in the worktop. Anti-corrosion matte surface prevents the appearance of chips, scratches and other damage. Complete with sink is a drain siphon.

Sink bill Sofia D6060DNR 600x600is a square sink designed for installation on a 60 cm wide worktop. A chrome polished finish protects against adverse effects and retains its luster for a long time. It is installed on top of the cabinet and comes with a drain set. There is a hole for the mixer.

Mortise cleaning Sofia S6642 mats. 660х420- inexpensive sink made of steel 0.6 mm thick, characterized by dimensions 66x18x43 cm and rectangular shape. The satin polished matt surface protects against various adverse effects of everyday use and retains its original appearance for a long period of time. This option is equipped with a drain set.

Wash bill Sofia D6080DNR 600x800today is a real sales hit.Inexpensive and high quality - it will be a good addition to any kitchen. It has a size of 60x18x80 cm and a rectangular shape. The polished color coating "chrome" protects against various influences and retains its luster during a long service life. The sink is installed on top of the drawer and comes with a drain set. It is also necessary to note the presence of a hole under the mixer.

Mortise washer Sofia D5645 decor. 560x450- a compact rectangular sink with dimensions of 56x18x45 cm. The matte microtextured relief surface is resistant to damage and gives the sink an aesthetic appearance. Drain set is provided with a kitchen sink.

Do you need an inexpensive and high-quality stainless steel kitchen sink? Feel free to choose one of the top 5 rating models for April 2018!

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