Tilde Tulips with their own hands on March 8th

Making beautiful tulips

Better to use work 2- 3 contrasting colors. Choose a small picture so that it does not stand out much, and does not distract attention. Having picked up the fabric you like, you need to circle the templates on it. Templates you can find on the Internet. Here is one of them. We print on A4 format.
Tilda do-it-yourself Tulips on March 8th
We draw a pattern on the fabric, but do not cut it out. We double the fabric and stitch it on a typewriter.
Tilda do-it-yourself Tulips on March 8th
And now you can cut out the detail. This way you will be much easier, and stitch, and cut the workpiece.
Tilda do-it-yourself tulips on March 8th
You can use zigzag scissors. Cut off the top of the head in a straight line. Do the same thing with the rest of the details. Turn it over and press it. Tilde Tulips by own hands on March 8th
The flower is packed tightly with a sintepon or a holofiber. Tulips Tilda own on March 8 The stem can also be filled with a sintepon, but if you use a thin glue rod (rod for an adhesive gun), then the flower will be more stable.
Tilda do-it-yourself Tulips on March 8th
Now you need to sew a flower on the bottom of the flower with a small "forward needle" seam.

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