Unreasonably expensive cosmetics, is it worth buying?

Half a million rubles for a young complex for the face. 40 thousand for a decollete cream. Shampoo for 80 thousand ... Why do some products cost so much and can they replace high-grade salon care? We understand together on the example of specific products.

Set 24K Cleopatra Nano Regimen, Orogold, 505 000 rubles

More than half a million rubles are offered to lay out Cleopatra, who was famous for using love to maintain gold for maintaining her beauty and youth, for recruiting. The kit includes silk nano-cream, 12 mask sheets, which are made of 24-carat gold, and 8 ampoules of nano-serum. The complex promises unthinkable miracles, which in their effect can be equal only to the rejuvenating apples or the living water. Nanocream contains sodium hyaluronate, collagen, acetylpeptide peptide-8 and gold particles - all together the ingredients return the skin youthfulness and radiance better than a surgical facelift (well, at least, so they promise)sheets of 24-carat gold charge the skin with vital energy, reduce facial wrinkles and light up with radiance, and whey completes care and strengthens the action of the cream and mask. Well, the result is impressive, but much cheaper and more effective will be "polished" by laser rejuvenation and all sorts of rejuvenating procedures that guarantee a 90% result.

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