Useful candies from dried fruits

Such a recipe for useful sweets is perfect for those who want to lose weight and limit themselves in consuming sweet, as these candies consist only of dried fruits and nuts and do not have harmful substances in their composition. But they should be eaten in reasonable quantities, since dried fruits, walnuts and almonds contain a large amount of calories. Healthy sweets are ideal for snacking or in addition to tea and coffee. You will need the following for their preparation Ingredients: -100 grams of light and dark raisins. -200 grams of pitted dates. -200 grams of dried apricots. -200 grams of prunes. -Lemon juice to taste.
-100 grams of walnuts. -100 grams of almonds.
 dried fruits and nuts
For sprinkling: - Coconut chips. -Mac.
poppy and coconut chips
Recipe for making healthy chocolates: Take the right amount of each ingredient and place in separate bowls. You can take the amount of dried fruit by eye, but in exactly the right proportions.Install the meat grinder and put the light and dark raisins in it in the same proportions.
 grind dried fruits and nuts
Then twist, then in the same way put a little prunes, and add nuts to it, so they will scroll easier.
 grind dried fruits and nuts
 grind dried fruits and nuts
After add the remaining prunes and raisins and twist it again.
 grind dried fruits and nuts
Add dried apricots and dates without stones to this mass.
 grind dried fruits and nuts
You can also add a little lemon juice for sourness. After all the dried fruits are twisted, this mass must be mixed with the hands as the dough is usually kneaded. You need to interfere until a homogeneous mass. Then it is necessary form small balls of the size you need and begin to shake them.  we make sweets
Pour the poppy seeds and coconut chips into separate bowls and roll the sweets.  dipped in poppies and coconut shavings They turn out about chen sticky, so chips and poppy will stick to them. 1644-obmakivaem-v-mak-i-kokosovuyu-struzhku.jpg "alt =" dipped in poppy and coconut chips "title =" dipped in poppy and coconut chips ">
 Useful candies from dried fruits
 Useful sweets from dried fruits
 Useful candies from dried fruits Have a nice appetite!

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