Useful snacks for baby

Every kid is an individual. Its growth, development occurs in each differently. Even the teeth and those do not grow on a pattern. I agree with this, not by hearsay, every mother.

When learning about the world, a small researcher spends a lot of calories on movements, steps, running and crawling. It is for this reason that many bootups simply do not have enough four meals a day during the day. Helping moms and their babies will come up with ideas for snacking Are they really helpful snacks? Even pediatricians agree that the main thing is that the approach and the food should be healthy, tasty, easily digestible and useful. In this case, in any case, the main diet should not be violated - breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Since they form the work of the gastrointestinal tract, creating a clear rhythm. And in due time the child begins to produce gastric juice, thereby causing. If you consider a child after a year, based on the time of digestion of food, then the interval between doses is about 3.5-4 hours. But a child for some reason may not eat the entire breakfast or lunch.This can affect a lot of reasons from the banal lack of appetite, to cutting teeth. Here in such situations will help healthy snacks. Both active games and a good digestive process can contribute to this. When there is a lot of time before the next meal, and the baby needs to eat, snack will help. Basic rules for snacking - Snacks can be arranged no later than an hour before the main meal. In order not to violate the basic regime. - The products used must be useful, easily digestible. Categorically there should not be sweet rolls, sweets and pies. Because of their poverty for the presence of vitamins and nutrients. - Use low-calorie foods. Because the child gets the necessary energy reserve during the main meal. Excess calories can lead to obesity of a child. Permissible products for snacking Milk and fermented milk products. Up to three years, these products are the foundation for the young researcher. They contribute to the growth of the organism as a whole, and also form a microflora in the intestine, constantly supporting it. Fruits, Berries and Vegetables. This is a storehouse of vitamins, trace elements for the younger body.They are quickly absorbed and satisfy hunger. Cookies and bread. The presence of plant fiber and carbohydrates in these products speak for themselves. In small portions they can be used for snacking. And for more tips on parenting and caring for a child, each mom will find here

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