Good afternoon. Already very soon the most beloved and romantic holiday among all people in love will come. On this day, it is customary to give Valentines to everyone you love. I believe that such Valentines need to do with their own hands and give them from the heart. Now I want to share one of the options, how to make the Valentine. For this we need: - Wire (which bends well). - Cutting pliers. - Bottle or jar cap. - Red and green polyethylene. - Scissors. - Marker. - Glue. - File. - Scotch. - Corrugated paper of green color. - Sisal of green color. - Cement or gypsum. - Lighter. - Beads of gold color. Take a wire and bite off with a nipper cutter a piece of the desired length. Let's bend it in the shape of a heart, twist the ends together.
 Take a wire and bite off
Take a wire and bite off
 Take the wire and bite off
Then take the lid, fill it with a solution of gypsum or cement. In the center of the lid with beads we fix the twisted ends of the wire.You can slightly bend the ends, so the wire will be safer to keep in the lid. Frankly, initially I took a small lid and my heart did not want to stand upright. It fell all the time. I solved this problem quickly. Just took a lid of a larger diameter, put the hand-made article there and again filled it with gypsum. In general, what am I saying all this to? The more you have a heart, the more the lid will be needed in diameter.
 take the cover
Putting the heart aside , until the solution hardens. For now, you can take green polyethylene and cut strips 0.5 centimeters wide.
 until the solution hardens
As soon as the solution hardens, take a sheet of paper, circle the heart from the outside. For what it is needed, I will tell you a little later.
 take a piece of paper
In the meantime, let's do the decoration of the heart. Take the strips that we have already cut in advance and wind our hearts.
 decorating the heart
Now we need the file and the heart,which we cut out of paper. We put a pattern on the file, draw a heart and cut it out. It is better to circle a felt-tip pen, then it will be easily erased. After we cut out the heart, we will need to carefully clip the edges of the file with a thin tape. Only from above it is not necessary to fasten, since then in this file we will insert the photo.  Put the pattern on the file
Now you can paste the heart from the file to the heart from the wire. This will help us glue. Only you need to look, that only one layer of the file to the heart is glued on top.  glue the heart Leave the heart aside and make flowers of red polyethylene. First you need to cut the petals.  we will make flowers from red polyethylene Now we will collect a flower. Take one petal, apply a glue on the edges from below with glue and roll it into a tube. Then glue the second petal. The edges need to be slightly bent from the previous petal. With other petals do the same. One flower will require 8-9 leaves.
The flower is almost ready. Now we need a lighter, with the help of fire we will bend leaves at the flower. Polyethylene melts easily, so you can not bring the lighter close to the petals. Here's what should happen.
 Polyethylene easily melts
I advise you to make as many flowers as you need but the main thing is an odd number. I made eleven pieces.
 made eleven pieces
Need to make leaves for flowers. Take the green corrugated paper and cut the leaves out of it. On average, two, three for one flower. Then in the middle of each leaf we will make a depression with the help of thumbs, slightly stretching, straightening the paper to the sides to give volume and shape.
 make leaves for flowers
make leaves for flowers Preparations are ready, everything can be glued.First we glue the leaves, and then we glue the flower.
 glue the leaves
 glue the leaves
in this way we glue all the flowers.
 glue them in a chaotic order
When all the flowers and leaves are in their place, take the beads and Leim them in chaotic order.
 paste them in a chaotic order
Now you can do decorating the base of our crafts. We take sisal green, slightly tear it and glue it. Everything, Valentine is ready, it remains only to attach a photo of a loved one or a card with a declaration of love.
Don't forget that if you donate a Valentine's hand, you also give a drop of your warmth . Bye.

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