Vegetable diet is very popular for many reasons. However, before embarking on this method of nutrition, be sure to consult with your doctor. After all, the lack of certain elements in your diet can adversely affect your health. In addition, a sharp transition from one type of food to another may not please your intestines. The most convenient way is to keep the vegetable diet in the summer, when there are a lot of vegetables and fruits ripened in the middle zone. Vegetables contain a large amount of fiber, which not only makes the dishes from vegetables nourishing, but helps to clean the intestines well. As you know, low-calorie vegetables, so that weight loss is. Therefore, on the vegetable diet basically there are only positive reviews. If you decide to "sit down" on a vegetable diet just for weight loss, do not use it for more than two weeks. You can also choose the way of nutrition for yourself - it can only be raw vegetables, or a combination of raw and boiled, stewed, baked games of steamed vegetables.And after it ends, animal products should be introduced gradually, so that the body is used again. After you have decided to eat only vegetables and fruits, and your doctor has allowed you this, make a vegetable diet menu for a week. This will allow you to eat on time, as well as prepare vegetables for lunch and dinner to get to work. Discuss with your doctor in advance the list of vegetables that you can safely use as food. Choose those that are easy to buy and those that will not cause allergies. Do not forget that, despite the sufficient water content in vegetables, you need to drink enough liquid to maintain water balance in the body. A week-long vegetable diet will help you calculate the number of calories as well as the nutrient content. The menu for the second week of the diet will help to correct the possible shortcomings of the first week. If everything is done correctly, well-being will improve markedly, according to nutritionists, such nutrition has a great effect on the cardiovascular and digestive systems, as well as preventing atherosclerosis.Vegetable diet for weight loss involves eating about one and a half kilograms of vegetables per day. At the same time, so-called “mono-learning” is not recommended. Vegetables should be different, which will increase the intake of vitamins and minerals. By feeding in this way you can lose about 3-4 kg. Do not forget that a sharp weight loss can harm your health, so watch the weight readings carefully. Recipes for vegetable diets are very diverse. There are several options for the preparation of any vegetable: fresh cabbage salad and braised cabbage, potatoes baked and boiled, a variety of salads from tomato, cucumbers and greens. Do not forget about vegetable smoothies and freshes. And even if you plan to use a vegetable diet as fasting days, it will help you improve your well-being and appearance.

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