Vinyl Portrait Watch

Watch-portrait from vinyl- the picture, which depicts a favorite singer (artist and much more) in the form of a mosaic of pieces of vinyl and complemented by a clock, will be a wonderful gift for a connoisseur of music or a magnificent decoration of the interior.

Materials and tools:

  1. graphics editor;
  2. 3-4 vinyl records;
  3. canvas;
  4. clock or clock;
  5. glue;
  6. pliers and pliers;
  7. gloves and glasses.

Step 1

Download the desired image and process it. The image should be discolored and clearly identify the black and white areas and borders of the picture. We print the image, if the canvas is large, then break the image into sheets and glue it together.

Step 2

Take vinyl records and nippers break them into small pieces (do not overdo it, in the process of laying out a mosaic, we will make pieces of the desired shape and size). This step should be performed with gloves and goggles.

Step 3

Take the canvas, fix the printed image on the back and place the lamp so that the image shines through the canvas, so the outlines and images will be visible for laying out the mosaic.

Let's start laying out a mosaic of pieces of vinyl, using glue to glue to the canvas. If necessary, adjust the pieces with pliers or a file. Lay out the entire image and leave until the glue dries completely.

Step 4

Cut a small hole for the shaft in the place of attachment of the clock mechanism (the mechanism is attached to the glue). As a dial, we also use a vinyl plate (glued to the canvas). We set the arrows, for noticeability the arrows were painted red.

Vinyl portrait watchis ready.

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