Wardrobe room in the house

A separate dressing room, unfortunately, is inaccessible for most people in our country. In many apartments and houses, a specially designated room is simply not available, and furniture designed to store clothes is placed in the bedroom, hallway, or living room.

But, as soon as the opportunity presents itself, make every effort to allocate a small room for storing clothes, and then there will be much more free space in the other rooms.

The optimal area for the organization of the dressing room is 8 square meters, but, of course, in this matter it is necessary to focus, first of all, on the number of people living in the apartment and their needs. The presence of a window in the dressing room is a desirable, but not mandatory condition. If it is not possible to install a window in it, then it is necessary to conduct at least light and ventilation in the room.

In the event that it is difficult for you to organize an internal space for a dressing room, you can resort to specialized sites where typical projects of wardrobe rooms of different sizes are laid out.

Be sure to install a large mirror in the room in front of which it will be convenient for household members to change clothes. All clothes should be divided into categories: winter and summer, everyday and festive. So it will be much easier to find and select. In addition, the things of everyone living in the house will have to be separated from others.

The presence in the cloakroom of special automated systems with hangers and shelves is welcomed. With their help, it will be possible to easily organize the optimal inner filling of the room. The design options for the dressing rooms are vast. But it is necessary to know that the interior of this room should not stand out from the general picture of the house or apartment.

The most important thing in organizing such ancillary premises is practicality and convenience, and therefore, its internal space must meet, first of all, these principles. In a good dressing room must be present division into sections, each of which is assigned to the needs of a member of the family, a set of shelves and hangers.

Not superfluous in an interior there will be small padded stools or chairs for changing clothes, small boxes or chests for linen, caskets intended for storage of accessories.It is possible to additionally equip a dressing room with an ironing board, an iron, a steam cleaner in order to carry out all manipulations with clothes in one place.

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