Insulation of entrance doors

A door, like walls in a house, often requires additional thermal insulation. This is especially true of the entrance metal doors, which in the winter-autumn season can pass cold air into the apartment and level the whole effect of the insulated windows and warm batteries.

It is often for the above reasons that the owners have to insulate their entrance doors. Of course, various heat-insulating materials for pipes here will not be suitable. Pipes, as a rule, are warmed with foam-plex, thermoflex and so on. Metal doors, in turn, are insulated with any kind of industrial wool, mineral, for example, inserting additional material into the interior, if its presence was not expected upon purchase.

This happens very rarely, but sometimes, in order to save money, many people order such doors. In addition to the effect of warming the metal door at the entrance, special materials also have the effect of high-quality sound and sound insulation. It is important that the insulation material has good water-repellent properties, not getting wet.The entrance metal door warmed is not a whim, but an important part of the house. You can find high-quality doors with insulation on the Thermal Door website, where experts will help with the selection and select the best option for you.

Even if this option is possible (for example, with high humidity or negligence when washing the door), the thermal insulation material must dry quickly, so as not to become quickly worthless. The choice of such material on the market today is quite wide, so you should not worry that it will take a lot of personal time to look for it. It is not necessary to forget about the resistance to fire and fire when choosing a material for door insulation. Their occurrence is undesirable for anyone, but at the same time there is not and cannot be complete insurance against such emergencies. But often from the loss of property as a result of a fire can save the presence of fire resistant doors, insulated with a similar kind of material. They will not spread fire in a short time, and if the eyewitnesses and firefighters react in a timely manner, they will keep the apartment in a safe place.

Naturally, this applies to cases where the fire comes from a nearby apartment or from a staircase. In the case when a fire occurs in a given apartment, a fire resistant door with a fire resistant insulation will at least force the installation to thank the residents from the nearest apartment. In other words, weatherization of the door, especially in our temperate region with relatively cold winters, is a useful procedure in all respects.

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