Making a plywood wall organizer

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January is a great time to do something new and unique. Today, our eyes fell on a simple wall organizer made of plywood. Ideal for an office or apartment to remind you of important matters. Tired of always losing pens? Tired of messing up a bunch of stickers? Forget about important things? Then you just have to make a similar organizer!

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What do we need?

  • Plywood sheet 30x60 cm;
  • Cork Bark Leaf A5;
  • Balsa-wood leaf (or thick bark of cork). Will be used for pocket;
  • Notebook A5;
  • Stationery knife;
  • PVA glue.

How to make a wall organizer?

  • To warm up, we make two holes at the top of the plywood sheet, so that we can hang the organizer;
  • Delete the cover of our notebook;
  • Cut a piece, A5 size, from a cork sheet;
  • Put a notebook and cork sheet on plywood and measure where they will be located (in this case, the distance was 3 cm from each other). Mark the area with a pencil and apply PVA glue;
  • Stick notepad and cork sheet. Leave to dry;
  • Go to your pocket. Take a balsa-wood sheet (you can use a thick cork sheet) and mark out 4 forms: 1 - 21x15 cm, 2 - 15x3 cm, 1 - 21x3 cm;
  • Cut out forms using a clerical knife;
  • Glue the pocket with PVA glue.

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